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Product Recommendations

The right recommendation is all that’s needed to get customer’s attention.

Showcase Products That Customers Want To See

TargetBay monitors the shopping behavior and navigation pattern of each and every customer. This lets you recommend products of interest to customers to improve sales and conversions. Showcase personalized recommendations to customers in real-time and start improving sales, revenue, and engagement.


Promote Best Sellers

Some products are termed ‘best sellers’ for a reason, it’s because customers love them. Display such bestselling products across your website through the homepage, product page as well as category page and get the maximum number of customers to engage with them. With TargetBay, you can instantly pull out a list of best selling products and place it anywhere within the website to start recommending them.

Showcase Similar Products

Customers love to browse around the website before they choose the right product. With similar product recommendations, get shoppers interested in various other products through choices similar to their original search. Improve customer engagement by creating a navigational pattern filled with products that the customer loves. Improve the time they spend on the website along with their perception of the products. Start building instant gratitude and loyalty as they believe the website is filled with products of their liking.


Product Out Of Stock – Don’t Lose Interested Customers

If any product is not in stock, don’t lose potential customers and make recommendations based on the product. By recommending a set of products under the title ‘You may also like’ will get disappointed customers interested in other products.

Bundle Offers – Start Cross-Selling With Ease

When the customer adds a product in the cart, recommend supporting products, and create bundle offers. TargetBay recommendation engines help create bundles based on other customer’s shopping behavior to create a personalized shopping experience.