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10 Shopify Email Marketing Ideas to Drive Growth

Shopify Email Marketing Ideas

Email marketing. It can be a challenge to keep up if you’re unsure how to convert customers and inform them about new products. But the benefits are indisputable. With email, you can reconnect with previous customers and help them stay engaged with your brand and eventually go back and buy more.

You could do so much with the email that we couldn’t possibly show it all to you here. So we came up with ten ideas that could help you take your Shopify email marketing from ordinary to extraordinary.

Top 10 Shopify Email Marketing Ideas To Drive Growth

You might be wondering about the best email marketing for Shopify store. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, boost conversions and increase sales. For Shopify stores, email marketing can help you connect with new customers and keep them coming back for more. Here are ten ideas to get you started:

1. Use abandoned cart emails to get more sales from shoppers who’ve left without buying anything

Abandoned carts are a real problem for ecommerce stores.

If you’re not using the best email marketing for Shopify that can automatically send abandoned cart emails, you’re losing out on potential revenue. Abandoned cart emails help you recover your lost sales by reminding people about items they added to their shopping carts but didn’t buy.

They usually include links for adding items back into the basket or suggestions for similar products that might be more appealing. If you have an auto-responder set up with your email service provider (ESP), it’ll do all this automatically, but if not, it’s worth setting yourself up.


2. Send a product announcement email when you launch a new product or collection

When launching a new product or collection, it’s essential to let your customers know about it. They may have been waiting for the new items and will be eager to purchase them.

You can use email marketing Shopify to announce your new products in multiple ways:

  • Send an email with a direct link to the product page. It is the natural way to let your customers know about your new product or collection.
  • Include a graphic or image of the product in the subject line of your email. It gives subscribers an idea of what they’ll see when they open the email, making them more likely to click through.
  • Provide information about how long it will take before they can order your new product (e.g., by saying “3 days left until this collection is available”). It not only informs subscribers when they can place their order but also builds excitement by letting them know how close they are to getting something they’ve been waiting for.

3. Personalize your emails using customer data

Your customers are a unique group of individuals with different interests and needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all email template you can use for every customer.

If you’re sending out mass emails, it’s easy to fall into sending generic messages that don’t speak to anyone in particular. But when you personalize your emails based on customer data, you’ll stand out from the crowd and create more engagement with your audience.

Here are some ideas for how to use customer data to improve your email marketing Shopify:

  • Use their names in subject lines (and other places)
  • Personalize the first line of your email using their name or order number
  • Use their location (if you know it) in the subject lines and body copy.
  • Send targeted offers based on subscribers’ shopping history (e.g., “Thanks for buying X product last week! Here’s another great product that would make a great gift.”)
  • Use their email activity to segment them.

personalize your email

4. Send discount offers through an automated email campaign

Sending discount offers through an automated email campaign is a great way to get more sales. It’s easy to set up and helps you grow your customer base by offering relevant discounts.

You can send these emails out regularly or only when they are relevant. For example, if you have a new product launch, send an email with the discount offer right after the launch date.

The best part about this email campaign is that it works well, even with only a small customer base. It allows you to reach every customer with personalized offers based on their purchase history and preferences.


5. Use customer testimonials in your sales emails

You can also use customer testimonials in your sales emails.

According to studies, most consumers say they’re more likely to trust a brand with customer testimonials.

So, if you’ve got customers who have shared their stories about what makes your brand special, why not use them in your emails?

What’s more, the study found that the average consumer reads just 20% of emails they receive, so if you have a customer testimonial that is relevant to your audience and can be used in an email, then it will give you a better chance of being read by more people. customer testimonial

6. Dig deep into the unsubscribe rate

Unsubscribe rates are a great indicator of success and failure in email marketing service for Shopify. If your unsubscribe rate is high, people aren’t engaging with your emails, which is bad news for your business.

Unsubscribes can be caused by many different things: poor copywriting, low relevance and frequency, or even a lousy subject line.

If you want to see how your unsubscribe rates are, A/B test two different subject lines against one another and send out two different emails. Then, look at which subject line had the highest open rate and lowest unsubscribe rate.

You mustn’t send out an email with too many words in the subject line – because this can cause subscribers to think that they’re spammy and click “unsubscribe.” 

When you do A/B testing on subject lines, keep them short and sweet so that they don’t scare away subscribers! unsubscribe-rate

7. Include social proof in your campaigns, so customers know other people like what you’re selling too

It’s easy to forget that email is not the only place where you can reach potential customers. 

If you’re using Shopify email marketing like BayEngage, you have access to the full suite of tools available on the platform. You can use these tools to create beautiful emails that sell your products and drive growth.

Include social proof in your campaigns so customers know other people like what they’re selling. It will help them feel more confident about buying from you and help you stand out from the competition. social proof

8. Send a shipping confirmation email when the order ships out, so customers know when their items will arrive at their doorsteps

When the order ships out, sending a shipping confirmation email can help you convert more orders and build your brand’s credibility.

You can include a tracking link in this email so customers can see where their package is. You can also have a coupon code for a discount on your next purchase.

Another great email marketing Shopify idea is to send an invitation to review your products in your store after the customer receives them.  It will encourage them to leave positive reviews about your product, which will help grow your brand’s reputation and increase sales.


9. Create a welcome series to introduce new customers to your brand and products (and encourage them to make another purchase)

We all know that every brand has a unique story to tell its customers. A welcome email can help you elevate your brand for your subscribers.  

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a welcome series. It’s simply a sequence of emails that help customers get to know your business and products.

The idea is to create a series of emails that introduces new customers to your brand and products (and encourage them to make another purchase).

In the first email, you might talk about the problem you solve or how you fit into their lives. In the second email, you could offer some tips on using your product or service. And in the third email, you can introduce them to more products that they may be interested in buying from you.

The most common way brands use welcome series is through automated email messages. But there are other ways you can deliver this content too:

  • Welcome videos or live videos on social media
  • Welcome emails that include links to resources like blog posts or videos
  • Welcome cards in the mail (physical cards)

10. Use lifecycle emails based on customer behavior — like abandoned carts 


Customers are constantly changing. They may have different needs at different times of the year, move to another city or state, and even change jobs.

These changes can lead to a decline in activity on your site. You can use lifecycle as the best email marketing for Shopify to keep your customers engaged and bring them back into the fold.

Lifecycle emails are triggered by actions your customers take on your website. Using a marketing automation system like BayEngage, you can create lifecycle emails based on customer behavior. 

You can create an email that triggers when someone abandons their cart and another one that sends when they visit certain pages on your site. These emails are just one piece of a larger strategy that you need to put together to turn abandoned carts into conversions.

Final Thoughts: Test New Shopify Email Marketing Ideas

If you’re just getting started with your Shopify online store, you may be wondering how to promote and grow your business. Email marketing is a great place to start. These Shopify email marketing ideas will help you get the most out of this powerful marketing tactic.  

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