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Abandoned Cart Email
Magento Abandoned Cart Email


Boost your sales with this abandoned cart email template!

Now, this is an example of how you can use the Fear Of Missing Out to the utmost. This template not only reminds the customer about the product in the cart but also creates a sense of urgency. It has enough space to add your other products and this gives the customers to look at other alternatives. You can also edit the CTA to your liking. This template is a surefire when it comes to enticing your lost customers to get back to you! So go ahead and edit it however you want it to be.

How to Use This Abandoned Cart Email Template?

Step 1: Visit our TargetBay website and open the product BayEngage.

Step 2: In BayEngage, find the Email Templates icon.

Step 3: Get the options to see the best templates for all your email marketing templates

Step 4: Now choose Abandoned Cart Email and download the template to get back your lost customers.

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