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How to Set up Effective Autoresponders Series With BayEngage


What Is An Autoresponder Series?

An autoresponder series is a feature that most ESPs have as part of their software. It is a series of pre-set emails triggered during the customer journey.

To put it simply, they are just a series of automatic email responses to your subscribers or customers!

And autoresponder email series is sent one after the other with set time intervals. 

Why Do You Need An Autoresponder Series?

  • You need it to effortlessly increase your engagement with your subscribers.
  • You need it to nurture your leads and promote your products as affiliates.
  • You need it to convert leads into customers
  • You need it to drive profits in the long run.
  • You need it to save time and effort from manually sending emails every time.

So How Do You Leverage the Autoresponder Series With BayEngage?

Autoresponder or automated email series work on the basic trigger or action taken by a customer or website visitor. When the trigger happens, a particular number of email series is sent automatically at different time intervals.

You can now send 3 types of automated email series using BayEngage. Here are a couple of automated emails that you can send to give you an idea!

The first thing you need to do is, sign up for BayEngage’s 14-day free trial if you haven’t yet!

Now, click ‘Automation’ and move on to ‘Create Automation.’ A pop-up will show up and ask you to give a title of your choice and then choose the automation recipe that you need!

  • Checkout Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Post-Purchase Upsell Email
  • Win-Back Your Customers

Segment Audience and Filter Activity

Choose any of these autoresponder recipes, and choose which activity you want to trigger the automated email series. You can segment your audience based on their email activity, purchase behavior, user fields, demographics, and email subscription status. This way, your automated emails would be highly targeted. 

This will ultimately help you in keeping your email healthy: Low unsubscription rate, low spam complaints, and less bounce rates. This will not only help you in increasing your email deliverability rate but also you can stay clear from getting blocked by ISPs.

After segmentation and activity filter, focus on the content of the autoresponder email series. You can type in the content of multiple emails and also set the time delays that each email should have. This way, you can send sensible automated emails at the right time, which will give the right nudge to the subscribers/ potential customers when they need it.

segment audience and filter activity

Content of The Automated Emails

You probably know content plays a major role in email marketing. But it is more than that in automated emails: it can be the best thing for your business, depending on the quality of your email copy.

content of the email

The content of an automated email is designed for improving your engagement with your subscribers. It’s an opportunity to send how-to guides on your new products, nudge them to buy a product in their cart, announce a product launch, reminder to stock up the products again, and many more. 

And based on your subject lines and preview text, the subscribers decide whether to open your emails or not. So never write click baits! It might give you higher open rates but it will most definitely backfire with them marking your emails as spam.

So what should you do? 

Give them what they expect. Keep your email content, subject, and preview text relevant to each other! And make sure your automated emails’ content is valuable to the email receiver.

With BayEngage, you can send text emails to check how it looks before sending the email campaigns to your subscribers. You will also have access to 300+ responsive email templates with drag and drop features and stock images. Choose the right email template for your email campaign.

Set the time delays between each email and active the ‘automation status.’ 

automation status

After you activate your automation status, you have successfully created one automation series for a specific trigger! I know it might sound monotonous, but then if you can spend a couple of hours setting up your automated emails, you can sit back and relax for a while.

And the best thing about automation with BayEngage, you can check the data on your email campaign’s performance immediately!

campaign flow report

You can tweak your emails to get better results whenever you want!

Wrap Up

As the world is turning towards automation for everything, it is important for you to learn to adapt to the new things in email marketing too! As an email marketer or an online store owner, you will achieve your email marketing goals with ease using the email autoresponder series. So keep engaging with your audience even while you are sleeping.

Interested to try email automation? Sign up for BayEngage’s 14-day free trial and rev up customer engagement and revenue!


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