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Back To School Email Marketing & Email Design Ideas


Did you know back to school is a significant customer spending event after the winter holidays? This is the time where online shoppers will be planning to go crazy. Since most customers purchase online, it’s an excellent opportunity for retailers to connect with their customers. Retailers should therefore use this year’s ample marketing opportunity. 

Retailers need to stay on top of the mind in this right shopping season. Retailers have to ensure their marketing efforts are relevant, compelling, and targeted. Back to school buyers will look –from clothing to electronics. Even if your products are not in this category, you can still make the most of this season with a little creativity. Shoppers are getting ready, and we are with the best back to school email marketing and email design ideas for you to get your plan started early!

Snapshot Of How Customers Prepare For Back To School Season

back to school shopping trends

What do all these stats mean?

Back to school is around the corner. Make sure you prepare your business to stay on top in this back to school season. Continue reading to the end to check out the best Back to School email marketing and email design ideas.

7 Best Back To School Email Marketing And Email Design Ideas

1.Keep Back To School In Subject Line

Every recipient’s first point of attraction is the email subject line. A strong subject line will give more power to your marketing efforts. Your subject line should be unique and exciting that hooks your audience and encourages them to learn more. Make sure your subject line conveys what the email is so that your subscribers will prioritize to open the email.

If you are a marketer, you know that there is no ideal choice of words to get an email open. However, it is worth imitating good sentences and phrases. It is also an excellent opportunity for online store owners to generate traffic and revenue. 

However, by the time you get ready for back to school season, your target audience will likely receive hundreds of back to school emails. So, you must stand out with your email subject line. Email subject lines influence the email open rates and so ensure to include “Back to school” in your email subject line.

Here, we have compiled a list of examples of email subject lines that you can use for your back to school email campaign. Check out the following subject lines to get inspired and plan your email.

  1. Back to school?
  2. Back to school. Great stuff for younger readers
  3. Back to school essentials on 20% off now!
  4. Are you excited to go back to school?
  5. 40% discount on all backpacks!
  6. Is going back to school cool?
  7. Don’t miss Back to School deals
  8. Back to school is around the corner!
  9. End of Back To School Sale 
  10. $10 Back to School Sale
  11. The favorite school looks here!
  12. Save a lot on Back to School Deals

Once your email subscribers open your email, the next goal is to take them to the landing page. This mainly depends on the structure and design of the back to school email.

Here are some of the other things to consider while crafting your back to school email:

2.Use Attractive Fonts

Fonts are an essential part of your back to school email design. The fonts you use play an important role in your marketing strategy. You need to show your subscribers that your style is unique in everything you do to make your emails attractive. 

Create emails with fonts that reflect the unique style of your brand. A cheerful font is a great way to attract younger students and parents during this back-to-school season. Here are some of the attractive back to school fonts collection for your email design ideas.

use attractive fonts

3.Choose Bright colors

What attracts the reader’s attention when opening an email is not the text but the colors… The right choice of colors assists you in your email marketing efforts and makes sure you choose the right color combination for your purpose.

The first thing you should consider while choosing colors in your email marketing campaign is their connection to your product. Make sure the colors you choose invite your audience to take action. Here, we recommend you consider A/B testing. A research report called “Colors impact in marketing” revealed that color could be the reason for 90% of decisions in certain products.

Since it is the start of the back-to-school season, the use of bright color in your email design is a terrific way to inspire your customers. Bright colors make your email look more attractive. Remember the colors you use in your email have a positive impact on your brand engagement. You can also try replicating classroom colors in your email design to attract a more young audience.

Look at this example from chubbies,

choose bright colors

4.Focus On kids-themed Images

Images are the key elements of the back to school email design. Images attract your readers and convince them to read your entire email. Using the right images will inspire your subscribers to take action as well as drive more sales. Also, you can quickly convey the essence of your email with the right image – so make sure you choose an image that supports your back to school email purpose.

To make your back to school images or email design more effective, you can emphasize kids-themed images and school-themed images, attracting a more young audience.

Look at this example from peek,

focus on kids

5.Offer Discounts & Giveaways

It can be challenging to stand out at back to school email campaigns in the crowded retail market. If you’re just starting, you need more market research. However, creating convincing emails to match the needs and expectations of your customers will motivate them to do something.

You can try out discounts, giveaways to attract customers and drive more sales. Especially in the back to school season, it will help parents and students to buy the essentials they desire.

Buy one and get one, coupons, discounts, gifts, buy more and save more, flash sales, free shipping, etc. You can use these ideas to create your own back to school email marketing campaign.

All you need to do is make a real effort and combine new strategies with the right messages if you want your email to stand out in your readers’ boxes. Ensure you do not just sell discounted products or school supplies as you prepare for your back to school sales efforts. 

It is a very touching moment for many children returning to school. Some children leave their old acquaintances and begin their school year in a new place. Many students start schools far from home. In your marketing efforts, use these feelings. Show that you care. Take a deep emotional approach towards your customers. This is how you can offer value to your customers. Look at this example from Muji,

offer discounts

6.Provide Useful Content

Your offer does not have to be directly linked to the sale in back to school season. You can also give your customers value by providing expert tips and guides in your back to school email. Make sure you create something useful for your audience. 

For example, useful tips for children and students, support guides for their parents, or thanking teachers, you can attract more attention to your business. Now, you probably ask how? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Back to school shopping checklist;
  • Parents’ back to school guide;
  • Teacher’s back to school activities guide;
  • Guide to alleviate back to school anxiety.

7.Include Compelling Call To Action

A call to action often helps to convince users to perform the action they want. Some of the CTA examples include “Buy Now” and “Download Now.” However, the CTA can also be longer, such as “Avail today, so you will never regret” The list goes on and on.

First, find the goal you want to achieve before creating your action call:

  • Do you want more subscriptions?
  • Do you want to drive more sales?
  • Move readers to a different piece of content?

Once you know what you want to do, you can do it better. In recent years, marketing has changed dramatically, but the ultimate goal has remained the same.

You have to get buyers to take action. For this to happen, CTAs are required. Don’t forget to highlight the CTAs in your back to school email. Clearly emphasize the call to action, using bright colors and large size. Make sure each CTAs entice your subscribers to all the amazing deals with them in one click.

Wrapping Up 

Every retailer can make use of this season to drive more sales utilizing the right email marketing ideas. All you need is an effective email marketing strategy and an enticing email design copy. Plan for your back to school season with the right email marketing and email design ideas.

You can also try out BayEngage to create, segment, and automate your Back To School email campaigns. We hope this helps you to ace your Back To School email marketing campaigns.

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