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Halloween Email Newsletters: Best Practices with Examples


Halloween is the most exciting and freakiest of all Holidays out there. It is celebrated differently across the globe in different ways based on different cultures. But one thing that remains constant is the opportunity to grab the attention of your customers and the big sales that lie wide open in front of you. We have been talking to you about your Ecommerce store’s Halloween readiness and creating perfect Halloween subject lines that increase the reach of your Halloween email templates

Halloween celebrators amp up the holiday spirit by putting up decorations with pumpkins, spooky elements and not to forget the costumes. If you’re an email marketer, what can you do to make Halloween extra special to your customers? Send Halloween newsletters with spookily remarkable features, scary deals, and devilishly pleasant atmospheres. Newsletters are one of the most creative strategies for you to reach your customers. And it’s that time of the year when you can have fun with your email newsletter and establish a strong connection with your customers. 

Get ready to embrace the dark side and use the holiday to your advantage! Let’s have the adventure of exploring the best practices and examples for Halloween email newsletters.

Subject Line

You have the best costume possible. Be it Gandalf or Batman or even Corona for that matter, but if you are unable to get neighbors to open their doors to see it, then what’s the point? The same can happen with the email marketing universe. No matter however good your Halloween newsletter is, the whole purpose will be defeated if they fail to open the email. To motivate your customers to open your Halloween email, create a subject line that is exciting, interesting, and luring to click to see what is inside. This one is more or less like a tie-breaker that decides whether you get a chance to impress your customers.

Create high converting subject lines that work. Use spooky Halloween-themed keywords that may catch the eye of a subscriber in the inbox. Your customers are more open to jokes and tricks, especially around Halloween. Leverage their relaxed and amiable mood to create fun and freaky Halloween subject lines.

Trick or Treat!

Keep these critical points in mind while creating your subject line:

  • The optimal amount length for a subject line is 30 to 50 characters 
  • Regardless of the monitor size the first 38 characters are displayed 
  • Always create the message as simple and straight to the point as possible
  • Short, Simple, and Halloweeny is the key here
  • Add some creepy vibes inside by using Halloween-related words to help customers associate your subject line with the spooky holiday. 
Perfect Subject lines for Halloween Email Template

Check out these fantastic short, straightforward, and Halloweeny headlines:

  • No Tricks, Just Treats
  • Screaming Deals
  • Don’t Miss These Spooktacular Offers!
  • KILLER Deals
  • Find scary good offers
  • Spooky Savings
  • Tips and Examples of Halloween Email Newsletters
  • Modcloth

Include seasonal emojis

If you’re dying to use your funny side in your Halloween email templates or Halloween email newsletters, then there’s no best time than Halloween. Use your cleverness and wittiness with emojis. Emojis is a universal language that can intuitively deliver a message by incorporating emotions. We have plenty of creepy and spooky small icons that give us the vibe of this holiday such as

  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Skull
  • Smiling Devil
  • Superhero
  • Magician
  • Candy 
  • Lollipop 
Creative emojis for Halloween Email Template

Emojis such as these will tie in perfectly to the spooky copy as well. You can use them as a bullet list throughout the content. But know went to draw the line. Do not overdo it. Be mindful of the tone. It should be fun or smart or witty, but not juvenile.

Play with sender name

Halloween is the greatest time for jokes and silly names. You can always play with copy and design when it comes to Halloween email newsletters. This is something every Ecommerce business is doing out there. But you can go over and beyond, in this holiday mood, and experiment with one more thing. You can relax the tone of your Halloween email by changing the sender’s name by adding some eerie but funny adjectives. This move will undoubtedly bring subscribers to your side. Try adding “–cula” or “-kenstein” to your name. This will make you sound more creepy yet hilarious. Try using puns by adapting parts of your name. For example, if you are Christopher you can go for ChristoFear.


Newsletter campaigns stick to a formal time most of the time. But Halloween is the time when you can go a little bit crazy with your email blasts. Dress up your Halloween email blasts with quirky and spooky costumes. Experiment with Halloween email template and Halloween newsletter designs to meet the mood of the trick-or-treating.


The most important thing with your email newsletter is to choose the right color. Halloween has its own set of colors that brings out the mood completely. We’ll reveal the colors that will help achieve the desired level of spookiness in your design. 


Halloween can be directly equated to BLACK. You can never go wrong with black. It is so universal that it fits Halloween without hassle. It goes perfectly with all those Halloween theme email templates and newsletters that are centered around witches, darkness, spooky shadows, cauldrons, and ghoulishness.

Creative design for Halloween Email Template


If black is our winner, Orange is our runner-up. Orange is one of Halloween’s favorite colors.

The orange color brings creepy emotions wherever it can. Black and Orange – these two perfectly go together and help get your Halloween email newsletter into the spirit.

Best design for Halloween Email Template


White is our ideal partner in crime. Though white is used as a symbol of peace and positivity in the majority of occasions, when it comes to Halloween it associates with ghosts, ghouls, and spider webs.

We are also aware of the struggle to stick to your corporate identity and use brand color schemes while trying to make use of all these color options are great for Halloweeny designs, Not a problem! You can always adapt illustrations, images, or even small decorative details to suit your needs, to say nothing about finding and working into newsletter animated gifs.

Amazing design for Halloween Email Template


If you’re still not satisfied with a color-coordinated design for achieving the desired result, you can always turn to spooky photos. These will help establish a creepy but still light-hearted atmosphere. A well-thought-out picture delivers the message not only instantly but also creatively.

Use pictures that show Halloween-specific elements such as:

  • Gourds/pumpkins
  • People in costumes
  • Black cats
  • graveyards
  • Decorated halls, etc.
Perfect Images for Halloween Email Templates

Again, don’t overdo it. No one likes a pool of blood in their inboxes. Stay positive and use humor. Also, don’t forget to segment your audience carefully to make sure that you don’t stumble upon image-off users that won’t be able to appreciate your diligence.


Images are good. But don’t forget that art has its own fan following. There is a whole variety of illustrations that fit the Halloween mood. That doesn’t mean you have to play with blood, devils, or zombies. Halloween is not only about ghosts and vampires. Think of children who are dressed up as superheroes, or a trick-or-treat bag that is filled with yummy chocolate bars and candies. 

Nothing says Halloween like this stuff:

  • Pumpkins
  • Black cats
  • Candy
  • Leaves
  • Ghosts
  • Costumes
  • Gravestones
  • Trick-or-treat bag
  • Creepy forest trees
Creative Illustrations for Halloween Email Template

You can use these as backgrounds to lay a foundation for the deal or as a tool for declaring an offer. Experiment with various kinds of illustrations from raw sketches that work perfectly with cut-out pictures to gorgeous watercolor compositions that easily command attention.


Taunt readers with dynamic content such as cute, funny, and spooky Gifs. Gifs have turned out to be one of the most influential elements in email newsletter design that give your holiday metrics some excitement. Nothing attracts your customers like GIFS!

Best gifs in Halloween Email Template

For instance, you can add:

  • A cute and funny animation of the product to put an extra focus on the deal
  • An alive decoration like a floating ghost, flying bats, or a steaming cauldron
  • Active working clocks to stress out urgency, and much more
Creative gifs in Halloween Email Template

The Strategy

Content, Subject line, Images, GIFs, all these creative elements are fine. We are sure that your Halloween newsletter is going to be visually appealing. Now, we will talk about the focus objective of the newsletter. The objective here is to drive some traffic using vigilantly-scheduled and well-thought-out campaigns.

The best and also the proven way to turn the holiday to your advantage is to play heavy on traditions. Holiday traditions will not only help in engaging subscribers to generate excitement but also lightens the mood. Take help from time-proven techniques. A successful and perfect Halloween newsletter campaign starts with the Halloween sneak peeks followed by a trick or treat campaign and finishing with an extended sale.

Pre-Halloween Email Newsletters

Active research and data reveal that strategies that coerce subscribers well in advance attract more traffic than ones that are conducted one time. Having an engagement program becomes essential here. We should aim at generating excitement in advance which will help to incentivize engagement among followers, keep subscribers hooked, and build brand loyalty.

We suggest you start sending Halloween sneak peeks right at the beginning of October and treat your contacts with multiple emails throughout the month.

Trick or Treat Campaigns

There’s no Halloween without trick-or-treating. But to create a successful Halloween email marketing campaign, only treats are preferred. NO TRICKS!

Your Halloween Email newsletter is the perfect opportunity to use reciprocity. Give away something EXCLUSIVE — a special offer, small gift, or free shipping. Treating is all about being generous. You can also choose mystery sales over regular ones to build up excitement to fit the Halloween mood.

Trick or Treat Campaigns

Extend Offers

Most of the time Halloween takes place in the middle of the week. The good practice is to extend sales by several days and grab the attention of users who were busy during workdays. As a bonus, it may come as a pleasant surprise that will drive extra traffic to your website.

Extend Offers for Halloween Email Campaign

Last moment of Trick or Treating!

We have saved the best candies for the last. Halloween is a place to have fun. Cannot stress it enough! But the best practices of creating email marketing campaigns hold valid here as well.

Extend Sale for Halloween Email Campaign

The fundamental things that you need to do to make your Halloween email marketing a huge hit include:

  • Clean your subscription list
  • Segment audience
  • Personalize subject line and copy
  • Set the best timing
  • Use psychological tricks
  • Ensure your template works well across various devices and email readers
  • Help new customers to finalize a purchase by using transactional emails
  • Do A/B tests for subject lines and copy
  • Review the performance of the last year’s campaign

Tick Tock.. Tick Tock..

Do not miss a chance to keep contacts hooked and generate extra revenue this Halloween with Halloween Email Templates and Halloween Newsletters. All you need is a good strategy and a relevant email newsletter design that caters to subscribers’ needs.

It’s alright if you cannot hold a sale this Halloween. But you can always stop by and say “Hey!” using a Halloween-themed email newsletter to extend the lifespan of consumer relationships, remind about your brand, and show your devotion to beloved subscribers. To get started, you can check out BayEngage’s responsive and free Halloween Email templates that integrate seamlessly with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shift4Shop, and Volusion

Best Halloween Newsletters
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