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8 Spooktacular Halloween Email Marketing Tips to BOOst Your Halloween Email Campaigns


The Holiday season is arriving soon and Halloween is less just a month away. Time to dust off the cobwebs and bring your Halloween email marketing game 101 back from the dead. You can check out our complete guide on Halloween’s readiness to seek some blood-tingling inspiration. But when were we satisfied with just a few treats? To satisfy your Halloween bloodthirst, we have come up with some timely Halloween email template tips which can drastically improve your campaign’s performance. Cape up, let’s go trick or treating into our blog. 

1. Get those emojis to grab the inbox attention

Your shoppers’ inbox is already crowded. Especially during Halloween, it is super crowded. It’s time for you to embrace emojis in your Halloween email template – it’s an excellent way to stand out in your subscriber’s inboxes. Emojis offer the right way into your subscriber’s heart – an easy and expressive way to encourage engagement. 

Active research found that 56% of brands and companies using emojis in email subject lines have a proven record of a higher percentage of unique open rates.

Halloween is one of the most expressive holidays out there. Grab this opportunity to use a wide range of emojis in your Halloween email template to cast a spell in a subscriber’s inbox like the wise old Gandalf.

Halloween email subject lines

2. Spin all the compelling reasons to open the email

Including enticing offers and persuasive reasons in your Halloween email templates is essential to encourage subscribers to open your emails. Current day consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing emails all the time. It is difficult and important to let them notice you amongst the noise. A generic subject line will work out but nothing can work its magic like provoking the urgency.  Using ‘Limited time offers’ in the subject line is an effective way to increase the open rate. And then we have the best one of the lot – ‘FOMO’. It is a powerful tactic in email marketing, especially for retailers. Take advantage of bold calls to action and don’t hesitate to use command language in subject lines to emphasize the urgency of your offers.

Look at the Cadbury uses FOMO in this Halloween email campaign:

Halloween Email Template with discounts

Check out these Halloween-inspired subject lines from top brands:

  • No tricks, only treats this Halloween! – Cotton On
  • Trick or Treating on an Empty Stomach? Now THAT’S scary! – Papa Murphy’s
  • We’re soo pump(kin)ed about this free gift – DAVIDsTEA
  • Grab a frightfully good deal with 15% of Fridays – Travelodge
  • What’s your poison? – Las Iguanas

3. Add elements of mystery and fascination

Halloween is all about the spooky, creepy, and entering the unknown. This is when you can leverage the element of mystery. Enterprises spend millions of dollars every year on Halloween email marketing campaigns. So don’t be hesitant to include thematic elements throughout your Halloween email templates. 

We are conditioned to do what we are told not to do. Employ reverse psychology in your subject line to provoke your readers’ curiosity. Use phrases like  “OPEN IF YOU DARE”. If you are a subscriber, it is sure that you’re dying to open it and see what’s inside. It will work the same way for the others. Adding such elements in your Halloween email template will entice your customers to open email through intrigue. 

Creative Halloween Email Template

4. Hit the right frequency

Halloween is one of the busiest times for retailers – another way to say a great opportunity to increase the number of email campaigns you are sending to all subscribers. Scale up the volume of Halloween emails even by one extra campaign a week. But make sure you are sending them at perfect intervals to make sure the customers are not annoyed. And before you know, you will start seeing even better results. Try it!

5. Retarget clickers 

Not all clickers will convert. But you need not worry. You can create an automation or campaign segment for clickers, especially those that don’t convert. Focus on creating a Halloween email campaign that’s even more personalized. Using a platform such as TargetBay can help in identifying what they’ve looked at on the site or clicked through email campaigns before to insert personalized product recommendations

This will lead you to get closer to the subscriber by having a relevant dialog and also acts as a two-way inbox relationship with every individual subscriber.

6. Use the first name to establish a connection

Imagine this – You go for shopping and enquire the salesperson about the products. But over time, you visit the store often and the salesperson learns your name. Now you feel like a special person there who gets exclusive attention. As a marketer, you play the same role as a salesperson at the store. Try adding the recipient’s first name to Halloween email subject lines and your Halloween email design and keep it up with follow-up campaigns. Measure the difference in the open rates and it will blow your mind just how effective this little hack is.

Personalized Halloween Email

7. Include MEMES!

Yes, you heard it right? Don’t give us that face. Add memes into your Halloween email marketing creatives. Trust us! It will do wonders as it shows that your brand is more than just an eCommerce store. Such creatives will establish a personal connection and bring you closer to subscribers. And creation does not take your bandwidth as well. Just create a GIF from a video and you’re good to go! You can also use a free online video converter tool that helps you convert your videos to different file formats

Creative Halloween Email Template with memes

8. Go spooky and animate your logo

Halloween is a good time to experiment with some fun, spook, and creative shades for your logo included in the Halloween email templates. Bring a bit of blood and fear to your logo and Halloween email template background. But don’t borderline it on being disgusting. Subscribers will mark you as spam.  Subscribers respond well to those brands that loosen up a little around Halloween. 

Halloween email animation

Tick Tock..Tick Tock…

The night is getting chilly and we can smell fear already in the air. Phantoms are howling and there is a cackle somewhere in the dark. Halloween is very near and you have no time to waste. The success of any email marketing campaign let alone Halloween, starts with you as a marketer, meeting your customers where they are at right now. Creating the best Halloween campaigns and Halloween email marketing campaigns becomes a cakewalk if marketers understand their customers’ psychology and what they need clearly. 

We hope our tips, tactics, and brand examples have given you a fiendishly good inspiration to cast a spell over your customers this Halloween. Enjoy this fang-tastic read to get fully prepped for the fright night!

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