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5 Brilliant eCommerce Email Marketing Campaign Examples

5 eCommerce Email Campaigns For 2017

Almost 1 billion internet users have made at least one online purchase in 2016. The eCommerce growth worldwide is phenomenal and the number of online stores is increasing at an alarming rate. The blatant fact is that customers will leave you for your competitor if you fail to inculcate loyalty in them.

Establishing a loyalty program is expensive but there are certain ways you can connect with your customers to show that you care through personalized email campaigns and eCommerce intelligence. If you care about your eCommerce success in 2017, these eCommerce email campaigns should be part of your marketing strategy.

Welcome Customers With Relevant Email

Only 58% of the top 1000 eCommerce websites in the US send out welcome emails, according to a report by Internet Retailer. Welcome emails are one of the highest CRO techniques that’s not put to best use by most eCommerce stores.

Welcome emails give you the opportunity to thank customers, give them promotional offers and get them to make their first transaction. It’s the best opportunity to reach out to your customers to help them get to know you better. So, find the right message that suits your brand and connect better with customers.

Kate Spade does a good job in thanking their customers the right way along with providing the right welcome offer.

Welcome Email

An Intelligent Promotional Campaign

Promotions are a great way to build traffic to your eCommerce website. Plenty of eCommerce websites have a great promotional calendar but their email campaigns don’t yield maximum ROI due to poor planning. To run a successful promotional campaign:

Split Your Promotional Offers

Offers can be split according to various products, categories or price. This helps in framing the right message to help customers with their purchase decisions.

This mailer from yellowblissroad.com is the perfect example when you have a promotion running for Valentine’s day.

 Promotional emails

Segment Your Mailing List

One of the biggest blunders that eCommerce marketers do is to send out emails to their entire mailing list. This only leads to higher unsubscription rates and less ROI. Segmentation is the best way to get your emails to the right target audience. For the above mailer example, it’s best to segment customers who are men with billing value less than $50. This message will resonate best with such a target audience.

Segment Customers For Free

Understanding The Time And Frequency Of Your Emails

The toughest part about email marketing is finding the right time to send out your emails. It’s best to analyze previous campaigns and monitor the time to schedule your promotional emails. Also, the best part about promotional campaigns is that customers don’t mind receiving repeated emails that remind them of the promotion. So, schedule reminder emails about promotions to get the attention of most of your customers.

Build A Customer Birthday Program

The best way to build loyalty is through customer birthday programs. Everyone loves to feel special on their birthday! Looking for a way to uplift your customer’s mood? Send a mailer wishing them on their birthday along with an exclusive offer just for them.

Gap does a great job with this wonderful mailer to delight their customers.

Birthday email

Abandoned Cart Email Campaign

This should be a mandatory email campaign that all eCommerce websites have in 2017. About 60% of customers who abandon their cart hope to get back to it at some point. Having a strong cart abandonment email helps in getting these customers’ attention. The key is developing the right mailer that resonates well with customers.

Kate Spade does a beautiful job with their abandoned cart email which not only boasts a beautiful mailer but also has a coupon code and cross-selling elements.

Abandoned Cart Email

Loyalty Campaigns

Returning customers account for 48% of your revenue. When eCommerce marketers are always looking for new customers, they forget about the golden opportunity that lies with the existing customer database. So start sending mailers that remind customers about their loyalty benefits, exclusive discounts, free shipping offers, etc to improve your ROI.

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