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10 Best Tips to Create Christmas Email Templates


Christmas is here. Well, it is almost here for the marketers. It’s a time when marketers must pick their brains to come up with a solid Christmas email template that aligns with the brand theme but also stands out. Honestly, this is the story for every such fruitful sales day be it Black Friday or Cyber Monday. So, what makes Christmas so special for every brand? 

Christmas ????????????❄ is a special occasion and probably the most exciting one. Everyone is either looking to add exciting elements in their life or scouting for the perfect gift for friends and family. And as a business, you wish to have record-breaking sales, right? You are not alone. After all, this last quarter holiday pushes the revenue bar to go up, and also drives engagement. But, will this change with the Pandemic in place? 

Unfortunately, yes! 

Will COVID-19 play a spoiled sport in the Holiday Sales? 

Honestly, the pandemic has crippled the economy and has put businesses in a tough spot. With plummeting sales, COVID-19 safety rules in place, an unstable economy, and rising e-commerce demands have significantly changed the 2021 holiday buying season landscape. Besides, if you are a business owner, you are still on the fence about an online store, well, it’s high time to get started.

However, if your business is already online, you don’t need to sweat hard. You just need to be smart. Before starting to promote your business, it’s imperative to identify the areas where your brand needs improvement. As the buying landscape changes, so should your approach to engaging with your customers. With the rising online shopping, the “Click and Collect” or ‘BOPUS (buy online, pick up in-store) trend has taken by storm. Thus, if you’re a brick-and-mortar business, it’s a good time to invest in such trends.

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, let’s quickly look at how you can make the most out of the situation. Well, we at TargetBay would suggest you put your faith in your Holiday email marketing efforts. But, is there too little time left or you have run out of ideas? Just like miracles and happiness you want to have your life filled with, we have got you covered. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to create impactful Holiday email templates that convert and also help you woo the maximum number of customers.

But, before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the 3 Must things to do when planning a holiday email. 

1. Plan in Advance

As clichéd as it sounds, planning in advance always works wonders. And to make sure you get results, start planning well ahead of time so that your brand can stand out before your competitors bombard their inboxes. Plus, during the planning, focus on sending freshness to the inbox along with conveying the Holiday vibes. The right time to start would be September to reduce an error due to the time crunch.

2. SEGMENT Your Subscribers 

Again, another cliched suggestion but an important one. Segmenting your customers to send hyper-personalized Holiday marketing emails would not only help you increase your sales chances. Thus, start by making different lists divided by age, gender, location, past purchases, and demographics so that it gets easier for you to target your subscribers better with offers that would coerce them to open emails. 

3. Test. Analyze. Repeat.

Before you send out the emails, nothing makes more sense than checking out their efficacy. So, A/B testing is a must. This not only helps you to understand what works best for you, but also helps you see the different responses from your audience. Always, test the subject lines, deals, visuals, personalization, preheader text, emojis, and CTA placement. You can track each of these elements’ performance and come up with an email that resonates most with your customers. Besides, don’t forget to have a contingency plan in place if all hell breaks loose. 

Well, now that we have addressed these basics, it’s time to focus on how to prepare and craft the best holiday emails. Let’s get started. 

10 Christmas/Holiday Email Newsletter Tips to Get Your Revenue Rolling

1. Add Christmas Colors

Well, that’s not very difficult. It’s probably one of the obvious ways to get your holiday email templates ready. But, it is still effective. After all, Christmas is all about spreading the fuzzy, snug feeling to your customers through your emails. Along with that, adding the Christmas colors exudes the Holiday vibes. 

Example: Stocksy

Christmas email template for Christmas treats

Why does it work?

This Holiday email template is filled with Christmas colors. From green, red, and white, this is a perfect email template. Plus, it also helps you to spread the holiday vibes. And after a tremendously stressful year, such emails can help you lighten the mood. Besides, this email template also is divided into various sections that address different pain points and offer solutions. Just a great way to make your Holiday email template colorful!

2. Let Your Email Copy Exude Holiday Vibe

Nothing beats a good holiday email copy. Write an email copy that perfectly matches the mood of the Holidays and doesn’t look like a cold shoulder. You can use words like Holiday oriented words like ‘Santa’, ‘reindeer’ etc. for Christmas. However, do not have long copies in your emails to avoid your subscribers getting bored. To start with, just write short, engaging copies to drive your subscribers to make a purchase.

Example: BirchBox

Christmas email template for beauty essentials

Why does it work?

Well, the first line itself is a killer start. With just the use of ‘merry’, the email conveys a holiday vibe. And then the next two words, just make the copy better and merrier. Plus, the colorful backdrop only makes it better. Also, this email doesn’t beat around the bush and goes straight to the point. 

 3. Get Classy

Although the copy needs to be at its best, you also need to enhance the visual quotient of your Holiday emails. Plus, the holiday season is just the best time of the year to test out different types of visuals. You not only get the chance to think out of the box but also opens up the opportunity to use different types of media like GIFs and videos in your Holiday emails. 

Example: Chanel

Christmas email template for skincare products

Why does it work?

We all know Channel is a premium brand and this holiday email newsletter is a definite reflection of that. The ribbons are in the shape of a Chanel Fragrance bottle that can help you get the look and feel of Holiday. Plus, it also helps you to get in the Holiday giving mood. Such visuals will only help you get ahead of your competition and help you portray a unique story to your subscriber.’ After all, the visual presentation also matters, especially when you are sending out Holiday emails. 

4. Get Crafty & Creative 

Before fixing in on a design, what exactly do you want your emails to portray? Class, unique lookout, or just simplicity? Well, if you’re looking to make a simple Holiday newsletter, you can’t just do that with simple illustrations. You don’t need to have some amazing throughout shots to push your holiday sales instead put your faith in simplicity.

Example: J.Crew 

Christmas email template with gif

Why does it work?

This is a stunning example from J.crew that is just not creative but also super simple. Sometimes, just simplicity can make all the difference. And, that’s what happens here too. The horns with a lovely and colored nose in the shape of a reindeer indeed grab attention. Also, the prominent deals right in the middle of the email template are good enough to entice consumers. Next, all colors and the messaging is centered around Christmas vibes. Thus, if you’re looking to add creativity to your email newsletters, you can draw inspiration from here. 

5. Trigger Curiosity

What better way to engage your customer than triggering their curiosity? Curiosity is probably the key to pique interest and gets your subscribers to click on your CTA prominently made visible on the email. 

Example: LevelUp

Christmas email template with CTA

Why does it work?

This is just another cool Xmas newsletter that is sure to trigger curiosity among its subscribers. So, as the subscribers unwrap the gifts, their curiosity is already at peak and you also get their attention. Thus, if you wish to get your Holiday email newsletter rolling, this is probably one of the ways to get it right.

6. Cheer Your Subscribers with Gift Guides

Not all your subscribers would have completed their holiday shopping. Some would be still looking for the perfect gifts. And these are the times when you should send a gift guide to help them come out of their struggles. Such emails would not only be enough to cheer them up but also set them up for more purchases from your brand.

Example: Michaels 

Christmas email template for Christmas Decor

Why does it work?

This Holiday email template is a classic example of how to ace gift guides. The cheerful look of the email newsletter coupled with this creative piece of art is just a brilliant way to entice customers. Next, other than the subject lines, and visuals, another important element of your Holiday emails is CTA. The clicks on your CTA can make or break your campaign. Thus, at the end of the email, you can find an actionable CTAs that is visible to your subscribers and is beyond the regular ‘Discounts’, ‘Buy now’, and ‘Shop now’.

7. Include Inclusivity 

While segmenting your customers, you should also focus on sending inclusive Holiday email templates according to culture. Inclusivity would not only help you get consumers across all cultures, but it would also help you to portray your brand as a progressive one that is aware of such differences and doesn’t beat an eye in following the right notion.

Example: Fab

Fab sent this out for all the Jewish people and wished them a Happy Hanukkah.

Happy Hanukkah email template

Why does it work?

Inclusivity and addressing the cultural difference is the key to get through more consumers. Here, Fab used two different email templates for their customers who are either Jewish or Christians. For the jews in the mail, Fabwished them Happy Hanukkah, while the Christians consumers were sent wishes on Christmas.

Happy Christmas email template

Here’s Fab wishing Christians a happy Christmas.

8. Go Minimal and Go Bold

Minimalism is even easier to achieve without GIFs, which some creators may avoid using because they don’t know how to make them. Flaticon icons, for example, include a selection of interface icons and stickers that strip most of the detail away, reducing clutter. They even have animated icons that capture the minimalist aesthetic without all the work.

Example: Fundbox

Minimalistic animation in Christmas email template

Why does it work?

This minimal (but still funny) Christmas email from Fundbox, a financing-provider for small businesses, is just simply an excellent example. This fun email that employs new media like GIFs to portray the brand’s thoughts, goes a long way. This email not only acts as a reminder but also acts as a re-engagement, re-activation email that is sure to stay in your customers’ minds for a long time. 

9. Unleash the Last-Minute Deals

Not everyone shops early and especially during the holidays, a lot of shoppers are waiting for the right deals. So, sending them your last-minute brand deals can help you ramp up your sales. Besides, it will also prompt subscribers to make instant purchases and explore more. 

Example: Harry’s

Countdown in Christmas Email Template

Why did it work?

This Christmas email from Harry’s is just another great example for businesses. It is not only beautiful, subtle but also starts with a countdown timer. The timer creates a sense of urgency among customers which leads them to make instant purchases. Plus, the colors and the copies used makes it a sought after Christmas email template.

10. Motivate Donations

With a raging pandemic wreaking havoc, probably this holiday season, it’s time to help those in need. Thus, this Holiday email can serve as a great time to send out emails to motivate donations and help other people. Although, this won’t add to your business growth, yet it would boost positive branding.

Example: 1973 LTD

Beautiful Christmas email template

Why does this work?

This email example from 1973 LTD, a marketing agency, is just a brilliant move. It piques interest in your customers and the moment they click on the gift box, it opens up to reveal a beautiful motivating message. This email is cute yet subtly asks their contacts to donate during Christmas and promotes goodwill.

Beautiful Christmas email templates

Top 5 Christmas templates from TargetBay

Other than these 10 Tips and Tricks, here are a few Christmas templates from BayEngage. These templates can come in handy if you don’t have enough time or resources on your hand to carry out the research, design, plan, and execution.

Christmas email template for Christmas sale

Download Template

This beautiful Christmas template is all you need to woo your consumers. These templates have all the required qualities to turn out a showstopper and help you stand out in an overcrowded inbox. 

Bonus Tips: Don’t forget to add an innovative Subject line.

Christmas email template for discounts

Download Template

If you’re looking for an email template that is just not beautiful but a great template to add your last-minute deals or discounts. Besides, this Holiday email template also allows brands to add their different actionable CTAs at various places to get their shoppers to explore.

Christmas email template for newsletters

Download Template

Are you looking for a creative yet beautiful email template? Your search ends here.

This email template is a great way to boost your creative juices and get your business up and running that entices shoppers to shop.

Christmas email template for Christmas decor

Download Template

This email template is another way to spruce up your Christmas email templates. The different Christmas-y elements also add to the charm. Plus, it also allows you to drive your business revenues better as you get to interact more with your customers with different actionable CTAs.

Christmas email template for offers

Download Template

If you’re looking up for some cuteness filled Christmas email templates, this should be your favorite. This email template is just one of the best that allows you to add many discount deals that will help you wrap up your holiday season on a high.

Wrapping Up

Christmas is a day to celebrate with family and friends. Thus, if you as a business looking to leave a mark on your customers, a beautiful merry email is the right approach to take. And if you incorporate all the aforementioned tips, we are sure that you will have an upper hand and stay ahead of the curve. After all, the right emails have got the power to entice your customers to take action immediately. So, get your holiday season sales ball rolling and ramp up your holiday sales like no other year!

Also, if you have still not planned your Christmas email campaigns yet, we have a surprise for you. Next week, watch out for this space for the last minute Christmas email campaign tips that can come in handy.

Lastly, ‘Maily’ Christmas’ ????

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