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7 Great Ideas of Video Email Marketing for Engaging Email Campaigns: Tips & Tricks


Do you agree adding videos boosts your email campaign’s click-through rate by 300% – Oberlo, as they can keep your end recipients engaged

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of video email marketing is that it brings high subscriber engagement, conversion rates, and click-through rates, which is why almost 90% of marketers use video in their campaigns.

So, brands planning to hop into the video email marketing trend should have a unique approach. This would allow the businesses to win the trust of the audience. 

Importance of Engaging Email Campaigns

Why are engaging email campaigns important for a brand in today’s market? And how do you make it more effective by incorporating video in your email campaigns? 

Let’s take, for instance, if you are running a product-based company, it can be SaaS, travel kit, or beauty products. You ran an email campaign with text information for the last Christmas season, and you did see less conversion than you expected. Relatable?

Let me tell you, without question, the above statistics clearly show that an engaging email campaign happens only if it adds value to your audience. That is where video email marketing pops in to grab your audience’s attention in the first eight seconds and move them to conversion. 

“The emails you send out play an important role in creating a loyal customer base, which ensures that customers return for more,” said Pon Pandian, CEO of TargetBay.

Why Video Email Marketing?

Around 80% of businesses integrate videos into email marketing campaigns to boost their presence. While earlier videos were considered taboo, they are undoubtedly effective today. Using video email marketing will provide you with a chance to tap into the imagination of your audience. 

Moreover, video email marketing can increase the chance of becoming viral, thereby helping to increase reach and visibility. Moreover, it allows you to humanize your brand, which will help you connect with your audience personally. 


Source: Unsplash

Studies suggest that including videos in your email will also help increase the click rate by 300%. Moreover, reports like Salesloft also suggest that video email marketing helps get a 16% higher open rate and a 26% increase in replies. 

In that way, BayEngage is one of the leading email and SMS marketing platforms to elevate your marketing efforts, which ensures you drive out-of-the-box thinking while automating emails, boosting email deliverability, and segmenting the audience. 

7 Ideas for Video Email Marketing

Videos are one of the most reliable forms of content that can be added to any form of marketing. It is versatile and can ensure proper business integration, especially in the long run. 

Below are seven profitable ideas to follow for video email marketing of your products, services, and business:

1. Shine at the Product Launch

When you’re on the verge of launching a product, do it via video email marketing. Incorporating video tactics into your go-to-market planning and sending product launch emails to past and existing email subscribers can help you understand how it would bring value to your business. 


Source: Omnisend

A sneak video for a product launch can instill curiosity in the audience. Reternity, a luxury streetwear brand, indulged in video email marketing for its products using animation. The email’s wide range of color choices and placement made it look incredible, increasing CTR and overall success. 

2. Turn Event Invitations into Video Invites

Sending out video emails for upcoming events (whether it be networking events, New Year’s Eve parties, or product launch events) while highlighting performers, sponsors, and producers can trigger more anticipation. In many cases, it would create the perfect case of FOMO. 


Source: Istock Photos

Thus, they would open the emails as one of the best engagement email tips to follow. While you send out event invitations, sending video emails is also important to keep your customers engaged. Collect email addresses at events for follow-up marketing and stay in touch with your leads.

3. Build Bonds with Promotional Emails

While you may have a strong relationship with your old subscribers, having the same with your new subscribers is crucial. Whether it is connecting with prospects or subscribers, you must send out promotional emails offering insights into your business. 

You can include a video introduction of your business in the promotional emails. This can help create a strong business reputation, especially among potential customers, as they will get to know you. 

4. Promote Products without Real Promotion

Product videos usually have a high open rate for emails. Email marketing can help connect with the audience directly by offering visual proof of your products. Moreover, you can also add additional details regarding the design and message of the products. 


Source: getfirepush.com

One of the most prominent brands to have adopted this strategy is Nearly Natural. Their product promotion videos showed how it works and adds value to customers. This way, it becomes easy for customers to relate to it when considering buying and using it.

5. Make your Newsletters Interesting

When the newsletters are in video format, the audience will surely open them once because it will save their time to read the content rather than watch it. When you share a video newsletter email regularly, the customers will be interested in opening your other emails, too. 


Source: Mailer Lite

One example is Adrenaline Travel, which specializes in arranging travel and tours for adventure seekers. They don’t just use video in their newsletters; they regularly use short clips that entice people to see the world. 

6. Appeal with Digital Content Samples

Email video marketing is one of the best ways to provide digital content samples. To provide proper premium materials, it is advisable to be as creative as possible in selling subscriptions and digital files. 


Source: Zendesk

Various leading brands take it upon themselves to provide creative digital content samples. One example is Zendesk, which sends a free ebook sample through its email, incentivizing customers. 

7. Educate Customers with New Advice

Most customers want to know what experts have to say about your products. So, videos will be beneficial to educate customers about your products, especially when they are from an expert. You can also include CTAs like ‘Sign Up to Learn More’ to build trust with the audience. These creative CTAs can help to build commitment. 


Source: Elastic Email

For example, Freelancer assists in illustrating the potential applications of their platform, such as assembling a group of skilled creatives at a significantly lower expense than hiring a full-time staff member. 

Tips and Tricks for Success Video Email Marketing

A successful video marketing strategy can play an essential role in enhancing the effectiveness of a business. With marketing tools like BayEngage in place, automation becomes easier while saving time and enhancing deliverability. 

Some of the video email marketing tips and tricks for engaging campaigns are as follows:

  • Make the emails as personalized as possible to capture the customer’s attention immediately. Personalized emails help generate more clicks and form strong relationships with customers. 
  • As a preview, you can use GIFs. The GIF promo will help to build hype and excitement before your customer watches the video. 
  • You must introduce the video with a headline or text in the initial stages. This can help your customers stay informed about what they can expect in the coming years. 
  • Always include a strong, convincing CTA below the video. Capitalizing on it as much as possible is advisable so customers know what to do next. The text to speech AI can also intrigue your audience, especially in CTA.

Ready to Use Video in your Email Marketing Campaign? 

It is clear that video content is gaining popularity across all platforms. If you aren’t using it in our email campaigns, you should start using video email marketing as part of their strategy; nothing is too late to stay ahead of your competitors. Though there are many tools out there in marketing, you have to look out for reliable tools like BayEngage that can help your video email marketing campaign be successful. 

Furthermore, tips and tricks of video email marketing for engaging campaigns would provide you with a new dimension to your business, especially in product promotion and educating customers.7 Great Videos of Video Email Marketing for Engaging Email Campaigns: Tips & Tricks

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