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Reach Inboxes, Directly

You’ve spent countless days or even months building solid email lists & segments and executing your email campaign.

Think of a worst-case scenario if the emails don’t reach your prospective customers. Probably, the emails might land in the spam folder making your efforts go in vain.

Here at BayEngage, we’ve got a team of deliverability experts that monitors the performance of each sending domain 24X7. That means we never use any automated tool to manage our deliverability. Get one-to-one support and ensure every email you send is optimized for deliverability and hits the customers’ inbox.

Don’t let thousands of other companies' email activity affect your email deliverability

A typical email marketing provider would assign you to a shared sending domain (IPs), wherein thousands of other companies use the same IPs to send their emails. This affects your email reputation very severely.

Here at TargetBay, we assign less than 30 senders to an IP address ensuring better email deliverability and it doesn’t stop here – we monitor each sending domain closely to maintain the email domain reputation for better deliverability.

Here's how TargetBay improves email deliverability!

Effective use of SPF records

Setting up DKIM & Domain Keys

Adding up DMARC values

Using proper authentication from email providers

Constant email sending domain warm-up

Monitoring performance of email domains 24/7

Dedicated Warm-up Plan

Meet our email deliverability experts

We monitor the performance of the sending domains 24/7

The entire technical setup will be done by the email deliverability experts

You can reach out to our Customer Success team and get all your questions answered

Get free audits on your current email deliverability health

Sample Warm-up Plan for 500,000 Email Sends

BayEngage Email Deliverability
By The Numbers

80.1%   83.4%

Industry Email
Deliveribility Benchmark


BayEngage Email

17.1%   21.5%

Industry Open
Rate Benchmark

25.6% - 35.1%

BayEngage Email

0.9%   2.1%

Industry Click
through-rate Benchmark

2.15% - 5.35%

BayEngage Click

*Note: The numbers are based on a sample set of 100 high volume senders.

These numbers are subjected to industry and individual senders.