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4th of July Email Campaign Ideas

4th of July email ideas

The Fourth of July — also known as the Independence Day of the United States is celebrated widely throughout the country. And this year it is said that 84% plan to celebrate Independence day!

As an Ecommerce store owner, What’s your email marketing strategy to get consumers’ attention towards your brand?

Segment your audience before you do anything!

July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day only in the USA. So consider suppressing your non-U.S. subscribers’ contacts from your 4th of July email campaigns using their demography.

And before thinking about which 4th of July email templates to use, you need to make sure that your 4th of July emails get opened. To achieve better open rates, you need quality email subject lines! Subject lines that will nudge the subscribers to open the emails out of curiosity and then you need substantial content that will convert them into customers.

Let’s discuss how to increase open rates for your Fourth of July email campaigns!

Subject lines are the key!

Fourth of July

Be a reminder to your subscribers that the 4th of July is coming up. And using the specific date in the email subject line is the way to do it. It will create a sense of urgency or FOMO among your readers, and will ultimately drive people to open your emails.

Example subject lines:

  • The Fourth of July Special.
  • 4th of July Weekend Special: Free Shipping Over $50, Coupons, and More!
  • LAST DAY to Grab Independence Day Special Offers.
  • Independence Day SALE!

Focus on The Fun Element

Avoid making your subject lines all about flags, stars, and stripes. You don’t have to focus on patriotism but rather the fun element of the holiday.

People are ready to spend their time and money to have an eventful day on this 4th of July. It doesn’t all have to be about patriotism. People want to celebrate it with their friends and family over a barbecue party, parade, or picnic. So give them what they want!

Make your subject lines appealing by giving off an entertaining and fun-loving vibe.

Example subject lines:

  • Let’s Enjoy Freedom!
  • As American As Apple Pie
  • Get Those Fireworks Ready! This Sale Is Going Off!
appealing subject lines

Be Concise

It’s always better to be direct with your words without complicating things by trying to sound witty. This is important as subscribers want to know what they can expect in the email before opening it and you need to give them that reason directly without beating around the bush! Cryptic subject lines will not give you the open rates and some might even mark your emails as spam. So beware!

Example subject lines:

  • 50% off on Our Products – 4th of July!
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July with Coupons
  • Up to 75% Off – 4th of July Special!

Okay, now that you know how to use subject lines to allow subscribers to open your emails, you want them to convert into customers. And how would you do that?  Break down your email into content, creatives, and actions


Before you start getting ready with your 4th of July email content, prepare a content calendar. Strategically plan your emails, schedule them. In the content calendar, list out your objective of the email campaigns, who you should send them to, what kind of message you want to give them and when you should send them. 

This may sound like a monotonous and extensive plan but this will take you a long way while achieving your KPIs for the email campaign. It’s totally worth it!

After creating the calendar, take a look at your past promotions and understand your audience. Ask yourself, what resonated with my audience: is it discounts or coupon codes or free shipping or an event? Find the right thing that will work for your email campaigns!

This can be easily understood through segmentation. Segmenting your subscribers according to their psychographics and demographics. Know their interests, personality, online behavior, the device they use, where they are from! All of this will help you in constructing your email’s content that will convert!

And don’t stop with promotional emails, send automated emails to your subscribers even after they have made a purchase. One such email should be requesting customer review emails. Getting customer reviews will enhance customer satisfaction as they have a platform to give their opinion about the product they purchased. It will also turn your customers into your brand’s loyal ambassadors.

User Generated Content like customer reviews is a great way to increase your marketing resources and also create compelling content for your next email marketing campaigns!


By creatives, we mean the email templates and the images that you will need to use for an interesting email campaign. Make use of the traditional stars, stripes, blue and red in your 4th of July email templates. This is the ideal as it will express the spirit of the day: Patriotism and freedom.

Whether you’ve experience in sending 4th of July email campaigns in the past or this is your first time, here are some 4th of July email template examples that you can use to spark your creative process.

The best thing about this email template: 

It is straightforward and simple. The email template speaks the theme of the day clearly, that is Independence day. It has the U.S. flag, the traditional 4th of July colors and it has a pre-written copy too. 

The best thing about this email template:

It looks stunning and vibrant. It expresses freedom with its background image. You can also drag and drop to replace the image with one that suits your brand. It has clear CTAs that will nudge the audience to take action and make a purchase.

Now that we have discussed how to use 4th of July email templates, let’s look at adding GIFs and emojis to your emails to make it stand out!

The Fourth of July is a good opportunity to add some exciting elements to your emails because nothing can beat the power of visuals. Fireworks are a good choice for a visual impact, but a quick search through BayEngage’s stock images, GIFs, and emoticon collections will spice up your 4th of July emails. Look for ways to make it unforgettable for your audience.

attractive creatives

BayEngage’s 14-day free trial gives you the time to explore its features and send up to 2500 emails to 250 subscribers. So kick start your 4th of July email campaign with the many features: A/B testing, drag and drop editor, stock images, GIFs, emojis, and get reports on the performance of your 4th of July email campaigns now!


The point of any email campaign is to get your customers to take action to make a purchase. And for them to take action, your email should have CTAs. A clear CTA button will give the push your audience needs. And a lot goes on in creating CTAs than you think!

So what if you’ve inspired your subscribers to open and you’ve got their interest through your design and content? You need them to take action/ make a purchase. There are plenty of best practices to turn your average CTAs to highly converting CTAs.

CTAs generally should have bright colors that will stand out and you should be strategic about where to place them but the converting ones use precise, actionable words to attract attention.

  • Start my trial
  • Register now
  • Take 50% off
  • Yes, I want it!
  • Get my offer!

They are called Call To Action for a reason. So make sure to use actionable words to get the subscribers’ attention. Avoid words like ‘enter’, ‘click here’ that are meaningless and make use of powerful verbs like get, read, try, shop and you can add those with offers like “get 70% off”. Including a sense of urgency in your CTAs will also help you get higher click-through rates!

Wrap Up

Now that you know the right recipe to build the perfect 4th of July email to increase your customer engagement, open and click-through rates, get BayEngage’s responsive Independence day email templates! The best thing about these templates is that they have pre-built content, comes with a drag and drop editor, you can A/B test your emails and get the report for your email campaigns. Let’s make this holiday a special day for your subscribers and spread the joy of freedom and independence!

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