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The Trustpilot Alternative That Gives You SEO Benefits

The Trustpilot Alternative That Gives You SEO Benefits

20.Sep.2017 Karuppusamy - Feature Comparison

Customer reviews can help make or break your online store. With the user-generated content playing a major role, it’s crucial you choose the right tool that helps build eCommerce product and site reviews.

Trustpilot is one of such review generation tool, but it primarily relies on building reviews on their very own portal. Let’s take a look at how TargetBay is the perfect Trustpilot alternative when you are looking to build your online store user-generated content for improved organic traffic and conversions.

In most cases, the reviews generated using Trustpilot work negatively for your business. Let’s take a look at how Trust pilot works:

Gives No SEO Value For Your Reviews

The reviews collected for your eCommerce store using Trustpilot is not being placed on your own domain. Basically, you are spending all your money to build content only for a third party website. If you choose TargetBay, the best Trustpilot alternative, you can build reviews on your very own website to improve your online ranking and traffic.

Highlighting Customer Ranking And Ratings

When a user leaves the website to read about your online store reviews, they can find a list of your competitors who are ranked over you. In the majority of cases, your customer can leave you for your competition. This makes Trustpilot a negative medium to try and market your online store.

You Cannot Build Product Reviews

Trustpilot lets you collect site reviews and not product reviews. But, if you are looking to build organic traffic on your website, product reviews play a crucial role. Customers land on your website looking for one or more of the products you sell, only by building content on your product page, you can rank better for the targeted search-friendly keywords.

Takes Customers Out Of Your Website

The credibility of your website lies in the fact that customers spend more time on your own domain. By building content on your website, you can engage customers better and improve the on-site time. When you take customers out of your website, the exit rate and bounce rate on your page increases leading to bad organic ranking.

Spending More For No Organic Benefits

Trustpilot costs a bomb for the services it provides. All they can do is that showcase how well you rate when compared to your competition, and you need to $299 to take customers out of your website.

TargetBay reviews and QA help you build content on your website which leads to improved organic ranking and traffic. Automate your review collection process and increase your website’s user-generated content. Make use of the content to market your online store better for improved traffic and revenue.

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