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5 Efficient Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Efficient Ways To Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

The average shopping cart abandonment rate has increased from 71.39% to 77.24%, globally. This means there are customers abandoning your store’s cart right now. Being a savvy digital marketer is all about being proactive and reaching out to users at the right time with the right incentive to win the sale with abandoned cart email.

Prevent 28% Of Customers from Leaving Using Exit-intent Cart Abandonment Pop-up

There are plenty of reasons as to why customers abandon their cart, but one of the biggest reasons is the high shipping cost rate or complex checkout process. Stop 28% of customers from leaving behind products in the cart by triggering an exit intent pop-up.

It helps in getting the customer’s attention by reminding them about the cart they are leaving behind. Either push them to complete the transaction or give them the option to save their cart to target them later.

Improve Sales by 43% With Personalized Emails

Trigger emails sent instantly helps stop cart abandonment by 43%. You reach out to customers by sending them the right message to their inbox. To improve email visibility, increase the number of emails you send. Learn about a robust shopping cart abandonment strategy in our detailed post.

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Taking Actions At The Right Time

It’s all about being proactive and reaching out to customers at the right time. In your website’s navigation path, customers tend to get deviated. It’s best to analyze your website’s conversion funnel and identify the right place where they are dropping off. By providing the right incentive at the right time helps convert customers efficiently. Try abandoned cart email templates to entice your customers to take immediate action.

Being Persistent In Reaching Users

Don’t stop with sending just one abandoned cart email to users, it’s best practice to send at least 3 emails before you give up. There are eCommerce websites that send over 10 follow-up emails to win back abandoned carts. Each online store has different conversion time, the best time to send email varies for each store. However, timing your abandoned cart emails you have a higher rate of bringing back customers.

Giving The Right Incentive

Sometimes it’s best to give the right ‘incentive’ to win the sale. Understand what customers want and give the right incentive to convert customers. As a rule of thumb, it’s best not to give incentives in the email or marketing outreach. Give incentives as a last resort to ensure you have a robust cart retrieval strategy.

Cart recovery strategies is an art and a lot of analysis and trial and error is required to reduce the cart abandonment rate of your online store. If you are suffering from a cart abandonment rate of over 60%, email us at contactus@targetbay.com for a free personalized audit.

Shopping Cart abandonment Infographics

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