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Route Your Product Reviews Through TargetBay to Google Shopping Ads


TargetBay is Now Google-approved Reviews Aggregator

Running an online store ain’t easy. Attracting relevant shoppers and generating targeted traffic are the basic problems that you need to solve to increase your top of the funnel. Most of the eCommerce owners or marketers typically go the paid media route to make things happen in a short period.

How will you showcase your products to those millions of shoppers on Google? Shoppers typically look for product pictures, pricing comparisons, and most importantly product reviews on Google Shopping Ads.

But, for getting more traffic to your store, why spend your marketing dollars just in paid media alone?

We’ve got you covered!

Here’s the big announcement,

Google approved product reviews aggregator.

Getting maximum visibility on Google is a dream come true for many eCommerce store owners and marketers. Build more trust by showcasing those product reviews written by other shoppers. Leverage user-generated content. 

As easy as it can get!

Why is TargetBay and Google Partnership Significant?

  • If you use TargetBay for collecting and distributing your reviews, we will be able to submit those product reviews to Google, and these reviews will show up in Google Shopping Ads, once Google approves them.
  • This partnership provides higher visibility across Google – both Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads.
  • The increased exposure drives more qualified shoppers to your product pages.
  • Product reviews provide better product research and purchase decisions for shoppers.
TargetBay's review collection process
Customer Reviews

Collect More Product Reviews

TargetBay decodes 7 different ways to collect more product reviews and thus increase users’ trust.

How to collect more product reviews

1. Trust the most important marketing channel – Email Marketing

Even in the presence of several newer online channels, email stands to be the most efficient and preferred means of communication. After a sale is completed, make sure to reach out to the client through email. This continuity in conversation shows the customer that you value their association and care to ensure that their experience was hassle-free. Such follow-up emails can be used to collect feedback, provide product care tips, or even offer a discount on a future purchase. 

2. Get the timing right

Allow the customer ample time to experience the product before asking for a review. While there is no hard rule, sending out a review request after 5 but not later than 7 days ensures reliable feedback. Later than this, the impression may not be fresh in their minds. 

3. Focus on customer engagement 

If you are committed to continually enhancing your clients’ experience, consider a good Customer Experience Management Tool to be a favorable long-term investment. Using a Net Promoter Survey or NPS to gauge the level of customer satisfaction allows you to identify clients who have had a positive experience, otherwise called promoters. A special ‘Thank you’ email could be sent to these special users with an option to review the product/ service.

Integrating a review push with your NPS is a smart way to collect positive feedback. 

4. Listen to your customers 

Negative feedback is as important as a positive review for any business because it provides valuable insight. With multiple channels being used for marketing, it is paramount to acknowledge clients’ opinions on all platforms. Negative experiences must be inspected and corrected to the customers’ satisfaction. This effort increases customer retention as it shows the client that they’re valued. 

It communicates the integrity and ethics of a brand. 

Dedication to customer satisfaction and quality combined with ethical review practices is the only way to high organic sales. 

5. Leverage social media

Over 3 billion of the world’s population actively uses social media and this number is growing at 13% every year. Mobile web traffic is on a steady incline with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat spearheading it. Rather than relying solely on website reviews, the use of these platforms can help you gather reviews faster with the opportunity to identify and rectify issues instantly. Again, it is important to be open to negative comments and strive to solve problems. 

These channels enjoy the advantage of a shorter response time 

6. Reward your customers 

The psychological construct of humans shows they are responsive to rewards. Offering a special discount motivates your users to write reviews. Alternatively, businesses can save money by creatively incentivizing action with points or badges. 

Gratitude and attention strengthen bonds. 

7. Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Everyone likes to be a star. Turn your customers into brand ambassadors by creating opportunities to appear in your brand ads. It could be in print, or other online media, like YouTube. Let your clients bask in the spotlight and spread the cheer along. 

This is sure to spike sales and motivate users to leave reviews.

Here’s a secret tip:

Brand response 

Customers like to hear from YOU!

It will always reward you when you address your customers’ concerns in the best way possible and that too with a short response time. The current time-deprived lives make it all the more significant to recognize efforts and time. It is a show of respect. 


Oh yes, we love them!

We’re tightly integrated with all leading eCommerce platforms.

TargetBay’s BayReviews has been designed to make it easier for merchants to install the product and start collecting reviews within the same day. 

We have integrations with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, and Shift4Shop.

And, being a Google-approved Product Reviews aggregator is an additional feather on the cap.



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