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7 Deadly Mistakes That Is Killing Your Online Store Success

7 Deadly Mistakes That Is Killing Your Online Store Success

Struggling To Sell Products Online?

We know that making a decent living with your online store earning is a challenge. But, there are a few tweaks you can perform to optimize your eCommerce process. Learn from a list of mistakes frequently made by online store owners that are killing their success.

1. Choosing The Wrong Target Audience

With plenty of eCommerce gurus promising thousands of dollars in revenue for online stores, we see a lot of budding entrepreneurs jumping the bandwagon. The truth is, it’s impossible to sell products when you are targeting the wrong audience.

Fix: You don’t decide who your end-user might be. Survey people, talk to people on the street or social media and find if they would like to buy your product. This will give you an idea about who your target audience is.

2. Not Building An Email List

This could be a piece of old school advice, but it is the most important step. You might think the value lies in getting the sale, but in the long run, you understand the importance of building a mailing list. The fact is that customers are more than willing to give up their email address when compared to making a transaction in an online store, they are not familiar with.

Fix: Getting them on your mailing list and sending frequent mailers will help them get familiarized with the brand. Eventually, they will convert to paying customers. If you are for a simple email personalization tool, TargetBay lets you create beautiful mailers instantly with all the necessary elements needed to convert followers to customers.

3. Giving No Importance To eCommerce SEO

A preconceived notion is that eCommerce stores don’t need any sort of SEO and only paid advertisements work. To an extent it’s true, you can’t get organic search results for a new website for at least 6 months.

Paid ads will help in getting the necessary traffic to your website. But, in the long run, your goal is to bring in enough organic traffic which will help reduce your PPC spending.

Fix: Optimize your product page title to search-friendly keywords. Also, you can start building user-generated content on your eCommerce website. This will power your website with fresh content which will help you rank for plenty of search-friendly keywords.

4. No Customer Support Process

A robust customer support process is the backbone of all organizations. Sometimes, a prompt response is all the shopper needs to become a loyal customer. A negative customer support experience can not only lead to the loss of that one customer but also a lot of negative publicity on social media.

Fix: Let customers reach out through emails, phone or even chat. Ensure your email address and phone number is displayed on your homepage banner, this helps in building customer trust.

5. Giving No ‘Free Shipping’

It is not a feasible option for most online store owners as it can eat into your profit margin. But, If you look at data, 93% of customers are willing to buy from you when you provide free shipping. An expensive shipping fee will keep customers away from transacting on your website. This is also one of the biggest reasons why customers abandon their carts.

Fix: It’s not necessary for you to give free shipping when a customer buys something for $5. Conditional free shipping is a great up-selling technique. Let’s imagine a scenario where you give free shipping for orders over $100 and the customer’s cart value is $73. A triggered behavioral pop-up will instigate them to add more products worth $23 to get free shipping.

6. Not Segmenting Your Marketing Messages

You send emails to engage your customers? Great!

But are you subscribers reading your emails? Chances are, 80% of your customers will not even open your emails. It’s because you are shooting out random emails to your entire database.

Fix: Segment your audience and send personalized emails to engage customers better. Tools like TargetBay segmentation will help you create a targeted list of users. For example, you are running a promotion for a particular product, you can create a targeted list with people who have bought similar products. This will instantly improve the email open rate by 45% and conversion by over 10%.

7. Not Personalizing The Marketing Emails

Its a hard job marketing an eCommerce website, we get it. When you are segmenting customers and sending targeted emails, it is essential you need to personalize those emails. But with the lack of designers, most online store owners resort to using simple templates with pre-loaded images and content.

Fix: TargetBay has an easy drag and drops email builder, which helps you design and send personalized emails within minutes.

If you are struggling to profit from your online stores, then you are probably making some of these 7 mistakes. The first step to improve your online revenue is to understand what you’re doing wrong. Once you figure that mystery, it’s easy to get your online store on the right track for success.

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