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6 Ways To Engage Better With Your eCommerce Customers

6 Ways To Engage Better With Your eCommerce Customers

Online customer engagement might seem like a Herculean task, but it’s extremely simple when you understand its dynamics. It’s easier when you understand your customers and framing the right conversion funnel to improve the overall conversion rate. Sounds easy enough, right? But many online stores still struggle with it.

The biggest conversion challenge is identifying who your customers are and understanding what they need. So, we decided to let you in on our little secret to make online customer engagement a little less intimidating and more accessible.

Implementing Micro Conversions

Micro conversions are CTAs that are placed throughout the webpage to collect user’s information. To build micro-conversion elements, you need to have a strong customer engagement strategy through various streams:

Get Customers To Follow You On Social Media:

Having a prominent social media presence helps you to connect better with customers. Prominently display your social media icons throughout your eCommerce website and request customers to follow you.

Get Customers To Follow You On Social Media

Increasing your social followers can help boost your traffic and sales drastically, this makes micro-conversion mandatory to increase social followers.

Sign Up For Your Mailing List

Getting customers to sign up is the best way to reach out to them with promotions and other content that will help to convert them. Many eCommerce websites have introductory offers that incentivize customers for signing up.

Sign Up For Your Mailing List

Share Your Products

Encourage customers to share your product on social media or instant messengers to get their friend’s opinions about the product. This helps in getting the word out about your brand and products.

You can also include various other micro-conversions like running specific content or providing free consultation to connect better with your customers.

Understand Where And Why Customers Leave

Most visitors who visit your eCommerce store are looking for a specific product that you sell. When they leave without converting, it simply means that there is something about your website that has put them off.

Behavioral analysis is important in understanding what customers do on your website. Google analytics can only show information on how long a visitor stays, so make use of other tools like TargetBay to monitor customer’s activity within the website. Our tool will show you what are the different pages customers are visiting and how long they stay there. This not only gives you insight into your eCommerce website but also about the products your customers are interested in. So, start covering the loopholes that are making your customers leave to improve your conversion rate.

Showcase Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Customers are smart. Period. They are no longer ready to believe everything that you tell them on your website. They are looking for information regarding what other customers think about you. Start showcasing real-time customer reviews in the form of content or videos to help customers convert easily. Encourage your customers to start talking about your positive services in social media and showcase it to improve your online credibility. It’s the best way to earn customers’ trust!

Run Personalized Campaigns

Personalization is key to get a customer’s attention. As we move towards a more competitive online eCommerce scenario, customers have varied choices they can move on to. This pushes you to build a personalized relationship with customers to retain them.

The biggest disadvantage is that customers are receiving hundreds of emails, every single day. It’s only when you stand apart from the crowd, your customers will identify you and open your emails.

TargetBay’s personalization tool lets you identify what are your customer’s preferences. This lets you frame the right email to the right audience. So, run personalized email campaigns to improve your email open and engagement rate.

Build A Stellar Customer Relationship Team And Focus On Customer Retention

Improving customer retention is not as hard as you think, you just need to incorporate a customer-centric process to build a good relationship with your customers. Statistics show that your happy customers bring in 4X of new customers. They are more than willing to refer your services to their friends, family, and colleagues.

So, start by framing customer support policies to ensure your team is responsive, empathetic and genuinely helpful. There is a lot that eCommerce companies can learn from Zappos – their customer support team is given all the rights to do anything to keep their customers happy.

In this social media generation, a bad reputation can completely ruin your eCommerce business. Only by building trust, you can ensure your customers keep coming back to you.

Listen To Customers

Your eCommerce product or service is bound to have some drawbacks. Listen to your customers to understand how you can serve them better. Have frequent surveys and feedback sessions to connect better with your customers. This helps in letting them know you care about building the perfect product/service that your end-users’ expectations.

Loyalty is something that should be earned and not bought. The moment a customer connects with you, it’s easier to retain them than get new ones.

These 6 tips are the basic elements needed for all eCommerce websites to improve customer engagement. When you start looking at what your customers need from you, it’s easier to reach out and provide the right information needed to engage and get them to convert efficiently.

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