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10 Free AI Email Writing Tools: Write Emails Better and Faster With AI

Free AI Email Writing

“If your job involves lots of emailing, you may know the frustration of composing the same email over and over.  Well, one way to save yourself from this repetitive task is to use an AI email writing assistant. These AI-based systems are designed to generate content for your email. How? An AI system reads your past emails, analyzes them, and formulates a reply, saving you time and effort.” I didn’t waste time writing this introduction. Instead, I opened an AI-assisted writing tool, typed in two prompts, and hit “Enter.” Voila! I had my content written by a machine. The software I used is just one of the many AI writing assistants that compose emails and generate content based on your inputs. Read on to learn more about these unique tools and how you can use them to generate email content. We’ll also look at some free AI email writing tools and their benefits.

What are AI writing tools?

AI writing assistants are computer software that writes human-like content based on the keywords we feed into their system. They can create any form of text like emails, blogs, social media posts, marketing copies, digital ads, web content, press releases, and reports. Based on your prompts, the tools research, generate content ideas, write and expand text, and check content tone and grammar. These tools can also help with tasks like summarizing text, translating languages, and writing different kinds of creative content. In essence, AI tools also serve as an idea generator, helping you overcome writer’s block and produce high-quality content in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, some tools like Grammarly go beyond checking grammar and sentence structure. They identify monotonous sentences or outdated expressions and suggest replacements. Such real-time editing greatly improves the content quality. Any business professional looking for help writing content can use these tools for personal or professional use. AI email writing assistants are a subset of AI writing tools that generate email content. From subject line generators to complete email copy creators, you can find different AI products for email content. Imagine writing a long email to your colleagues to reschedule a meeting or sending a welcome email to your new customer. AI email writers can write a professional email copy for you in minutes. Sales professionals who use email for outreach campaigns, as well as marketers engaging in email marketing, can use AI email writers to augment their process. Using AI writers with sales and marketing automation tools can further save time and effort.

How do AI writing assistants work?

Any AI tool that writes text in a human language requires three main techniques:

  1. Natural language processing (NLP): Translates human language input into machine-readable language.
  2. Natural language understanding (NLU): Enables machines to understand the meaning of the input from the data.
  3. Natural language generation (NLG): Creates text in human language based on a given input.

AI writing platforms generate human-like content using NLP, NLU, and NLG​​. You can find different tools for NLP, NLU, and NLG on the market. But most AI writing tools are built on a similar, incredibly powerful language model called Generative Pre-training Model 3 (GPT-3). This generative AI guide provides additional insights into how these technologies work.


GPT-3 is one of the latest open-source NLP models built by OpenAI. It has been trained on a massive 570 gigabytes worth of internet data, including a huge volume of text written by humans. This extensive training makes GPT-3 read, understand, and reproduce human language.  AI copywriters like CopyAI, Compose AI, Jasper, and SmartWriter.ai are built on this impressive new technology. They predict not just the next word in succession but create an entire text draft, eerily similar to how humans write.

10 free AI email writing tools

Most AI writers offer email writing as a feature. These tools are closest to automated email writers that convert brief instructions into ready-to-send emails. Here’s a list of free AI email writing assistants you should try. *Tools are listed alphabetically, and those providing a free trial are also included. As with most free versions, these tools have limitations, typically on the amount of content generated, time, or other features.


Copy.ai has your back for all your content needs – from crafting email pitches to paraphrase generator, to brainstorming content ideas. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of email templates as a starting point.  Copy.ai can also effortlessly create digital ads and content for social media channels, SEO-optimized website content, blogs, and so on.  Copy.ai features

  • 130+ templates and tools for writing 
  • Range of email templates (welcome, product description, confirmation, subscription, cancellation, and more) 
  • Chrome extension and Shopify plugin 

Copy.ai pricing

  • Free: 10 credits every month that are deducted as you create content
  • Paid: $35/month with unlimited credits; custom pricing for business or marketing agencies looking for group offers 

Compose Web

Compose Web generates long-form texts, emails, blog articles, social media posts, sales copies, and digital ads. It’s complemented by Compose.ai, a Chrome extension that auto-completes messages and composes emails from specific keywords. Compose Web features

  • Choices of templates for email, specifically sales copies
  • Compose.ai Chrome extension for autocompleting messages across platforms 

 Compose Web pricing

  • Free: 7-day free trial
  • Paid plan: $35/month  


Formerly called Jarvis, Jasper is one of the leading AI copywriting software. It’s suitable for creating both short and long-form content. Jasper doesn’t provide a specific email template to use. But it has 50+ writing models that marketing and sales professionals can use to create compelling copy. It also has a model for creating attractive email subject lines.  Jasper stands out among other AI email writing tools as it allows users to create their own AI model to write and share it with the Jasper community for better feedback on how to improve it. If a user creates and shares a model for sales outreach email, it’s available for the Jasper community to use.  Jasper features 

  • 50+ use cases
  • Supports 26 languages 
  • Plagiarism checker and Surfer SEO integration
  • Custom mode

Jasper pricing

  • Free: 5-day free trial for limited outputs; requires a credit card to signup

Paid: The Starter plan begins at $29/month for 20,000 words/month and 5 users; Boss Mode for businesses starts at $59/month for 50,000 words/month


Writer is a generative AI writing platform that takes the hassle out of writing high-converting email copies. Through the Ask Writer tool, this platform can browse the web to generate different types of content, including marketing emails.

That’s right, Ask Writer AI content generator can browse the web (something that GPT-based applications cannot do). The results? This tool can reference the content on different web pages, ensuring you get relevant and up-to-date content.

In addition to producing email copies, this AI tool can also generate email subject lines, blog posts, ad copies, meta descriptions, product value propositions, etc.

Writer Features

  • The premium CoWrite tool can generate style guides to ensure all your content remains consistent and authentic to your brand.
  • CoWrite also integrates with your existing tools like Chrome, Google docs, Word, etc.
  • Writer has a robust privacy policy to protect your company’s data

Writer Pricing

  • Free – Ask Writer is free for all users.

Paid – $18 per user/month (the word limit is 15k per user per month). This plan is for Teams of between 1 and 5 people. Contact the Writer team for a custom price to unlock more capabilities under the Enterprise plan.


Like Compose Web and Copy.ai, Rytr is another content creation platform that’s incredibly easy to use and afford. It offers a range of writing features and 20+ tones to choose from.  Unlike Compose Web or Copy.ai, Rytr doesn’t have templates for generating different types of sales and marketing emails, such as welcome or follow-up emails. However, Rytr, like Jasper, offers an option to create a custom use case to meet diverse writing needs.  Rytr features

  • 30+ use cases and templates and 20+ tonalities 
  • Works across 30+ languages
  • Formatting options and plagiarism checker 
  • Chrome extension Shopify and WordPress plugin 
  • Helps create a custom use case

Rytr pricing

  • Free: Generate 5000 characters/month
  • Paid: $9/month Saver plan for 50,000 character/month; Unlimited plan from $29/month

Smart Copy

Previously called Snazzy.ai, Smart Copy by Unbounce works best for marketing agencies and businesses looking to create on-brand marketing content. It offers angel investors and venture capitalists with email templates for sales outreach and pitches.  Like other AI writing assistants, Smart Copy also provides options to generate diverse content like landing pages, ad copies, and LinkedIn posts.  Smart Copy features

  • Free Chrome extension and desktop app for writing suggestions and autocompleting phrases
  • 45+ content templates 
  • Supports 30+ languages 

Smart Copy pricing

  • Free: Starter Plan offers 5 free credits/day. Users can also get a 14-day free trial of the paid Growth plan 
  • Paid: $49/month Growth plan


Designed for personalized cold emails, SmartWriter is a perfect tool for sales and marketing professionals sending hundreds of tailored emails every day. The users can also upload their email list to SmartWriter. The AI gathers intel on the recipients’ profiles and writes customized emails based on their social profile, company, and industry news. SmartWriter features

  • Generates up to 15 personalized lines per prospect
  • Linkedin Chrome extension
  • Automated SEO backlink outreach
  • Can Integrate with outreach automation platforms like Lemlist, Reply, Mailshake, and Woodpecker 

SmartWriter pricing

  • Free Plan: 7-day free trial 
  • Paid Plan: Basic Plan at $49/month 
  • Popular Plan at $124/month 
  • Pro Plan at $299/month


LogicBalls is one of the best AI content generation platforms that provides 200+ AI tools for various use cases. With its suite of tools designed to assist users in generating high-quality copy, LogicBalls helps you write blog posts, ad copies, product descriptions, emails, social media posts, etc.

Whether you’re a marketer, an entrepreneur, or a busy professional, LogicBalls AI Email Writer is your go-to tool for generating high-quality, human-like emails in a matter of seconds. From drafting professional business emails to crafting engaging personal messages, the tool offers versatile assistance across a spectrum of contexts.

Along with the AI email generator, LogicBalls also offers a subject line generator and a follow-up email generator.

LogicBalls Features

  • 20+ different tones of voice to choose from (informative, formal, casual, etc).
  • Comes with 200+ AI tools for various types of content generation.
  • Allows creation of unlimited projects & documents.
  • Collaborative editing features for team efficiency.
  • Support 50+ different language options.
  • Offers rich text editor for real-time editing.

LogicBalls Pricing

Free: Access to 50+ AI tools and NO login required to use the tool.

Paid: $19.99/month for 150+ AI tools with 7 days money-back guarantee.


Another go-to tool for content marketers is WriteSonic. Like Jasper and Copy AI, WriteSonic produces high-quality articles, blog posts, social media content, ad copies, and emails. The software has very few email templates to choose from. But you can use these templates to produce regular business mails as well as marketing and sales emails.  Writesonic features

  • 50+ content types
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Grammar and plagiarism checker

Writesonic pricing

  • Free: 10 credits 
  • Paid: The $15/month Basic plan; $25/month Economy plan; $45/month ​​Professional plan; $95/month Startup plan

Apart from these tools, many other AI email writing tools like Reply.io, Lola AI, Magic Sales Bot, and Lavender are designed specifically for sales professionals specializing in cold sales emails. 

Wepik ai-writer

Wepik ai-writer is an Al Text Writer tool that helps unleash your creativity and brings your content to the next level by including unique and unmatched texts. This Artificial intelligence-powered tool helps you create a blog, article, or social media post.  Wepik ai-writer can also effortlessly Craft compelling and engaging content in minutes. 

Wepik ai-writer Features

  • 24/7 availability
  • Perfect for writing personalized messages
  • Customize the text to tone
  • Lengthen or trim text
  • Rewrite text as many times

Wepik ai-writer Pricing

 Free: Set up a free account and start writing.

How to generate email content using AI writing tools

A typical AI email writer requires at least one or two-line instructions about your email and the audience. Once you provide the information, the system creates multiple copies. You can review the content, edit it to suit your needs, and use it. These platforms offer a variety of templates as a starting point to generate content. In Copy.ai, for example, you have email templates like welcome, follow-up, cancellation, and so on. Once you choose a template, you need to input the email subject, choose a tone, and press “Create Copy” to get your email content. Source: Screenshot from Copy.ai Similarly, in Rytr, you can select “Email” as the use case. Then, provide key points, choose the tone of the email, and the number of email content variants you want to see. You need to tap “Ryte for me” for the algorithms to write your text. Source: Screenshot from Rytr

Benefits of AI email writing tools

Using AI to write your emails isn’t new. Google’s Smart Compose suggesting words and short phrases in emails has been around since 2018. But it doesn’t draft full emails.  Now, you can opt for several AI email writing tools that not only draft messages for simple prompts like “schedule meeting in an hour” but also generate content snippets for cold and marketing emails.   These tools create immense value for professionals, who spend more than a quarter of their average office time just on emails. Using AI email writing tools makes life easier and emails more effective.  You can analyze millions of data points without tiring, work 24/7, and even save yourself from the dreaded “writer’s block.” With machine learning capabilities, the AI systems not only create content but also improve the process and output via continuous learning.  Here are some other advantages of using AI email writing assistants. 

1. Personalization

A sophisticated AI tool creates highly tailored email content by scraping all possible information from the receiver. It creates hyper-personalized emails in a few minutes based on a LinkedIn profile, a recent achievement or what the company does, or a recent related news article.  SmartWriter.ai, for instance, offers personalization for cold email outreach based on Linkedin profiles or information from the web. You only need to provide the name of the person or company to generate a tailored cold email.  Source: Screenshot from Smartwriter Sales and marketing professionals can leverage these tools to send personalized emails at scale. Such personalization goes a long way in boosting conversions, given that 72% of customers engage only with personalized messages. 

2. Dynamic subject lines

Subject lines can make or break a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the email open rate. AI tools come to the rescue here too. These systems can generate several catchy subject lines based on your inputs. Paired with an AI tool for analytics, such a system can find the best-performing subject lines by performing a/b testing or multivariate testing and automatically optimize the campaign Classified ads site Gumtree used Phrasee’s AI-driven subject line generator and saw a 44% increase in email click rate. Not only did the tool send dynamic subject lines to recipients, but it also monitored what worked for customers and what didn’t and learned to optimize future campaigns.

3. On-brand response

AI writing platforms also standardize email content to suit a particular company style. They can be trained with a specific language model to capture a brand’s distinct tone and writing style so that emails are always consistent and on-brand.  The luxury fashion retail platform, Farfetch, saw a whopping 31.1% increase in its average open rate after leveraging AI-powered content in its email marketing campaigns. It used AI to personalize and provide unique yet on-brand messages to millions of customers.  

4. Improved quality

An AI writing assistant can also be a personal editor for your emails. Many tools analyze the grammar, tone, and sentence structure and suggest changes to the copy in real-time. This ensures you write an error-free copy.

Do AI email writers work? 

AI writers can create a compelling copy for any input you provide. However, they still need a bit of manual editing to check the content and ensure it is what you want. Sometimes, the tools generate strange phrases or bizarre sentences that need rework. Their outputs are only as good as their inputs. AI tools are still learning to bring out the emotion of a human writer.  In their current state, AI platforms still have room for improvement. Nevertheless, AI can save time and effort with its prowess to bring out valid data points, personalize at scale, and provide on-brand quality content. These benefits make it a valuable addition to your writing and marketing toolkit. So, don’t feel shy to give AI email writing tools a try.

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