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5 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

5 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

Despite the years and migration of retail businesses from brick and mortar to the online platform, there is one thing that business owners still struggle for – Traffic.

When it comes to eCommerce, ‘Enough is Never enough’. Simply because more traffic translates to more sales. But the big question is, how do you drive traffic to your store with the millions of online stores out there?

To quote Isaac Newton, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

In your case, giants are those online stores that have won the hearts of strangers, luring them to visit their stores and ultimately turning them into paying customers.

We roamed the Internet and picked some such giants who show us the way to drive more traffic to online stores. Here is what we found.

1. They Create A Constant Connect With Emails

Although deemed ancient, emails are the best way to reach out to your customers. They are the most powerful marketing technique that helps you to directly reach out to your customer’s inbox. With the smartphone readily available in your customer’s hands, you create instant connections leading to more traffic onto your website.

Pair the emails with personalized coupon codes that customers can redeem at your online store for a discounted purchase. Who wants to let go off a discount!? They are sure to bring in traffic.

Here is a perfect discount offer mail that Neiman Marcus pulled out:

Neiman Marcus offer email

You can also use emails to create cart recovery emails with personalized offers to customers who have abandoned shopping carts.

For instance, look at the recent offer from Fab, I had to complete the checkout process.

Fab abandoned cart email

See the email subject line? It is so personal that it builds an instant connection with the brand. Your customers are going to like such kind of intimacy in marketing emails, especially when you are sending out cart abandonment emails.

2. They Churn Out Plenty Of Informative And Relevant Content

If you reading so far, you know the power of content. It’s the best technique that helps in getting:

  • SEO ranking
  • Gaining customer interest

Look at how Travis Marziani of BDancewear.com used the power of customer interviews and list-based content to drive more traffic to his online store.

Traviz emailed 50 dance studios in the USA and asked them for an interview. Not only did the studio owners welcomed the interview process, but, in turn, visited BDancewear.com to find what it was all about. Furthermore, the list gained good online traction, bringing in more traffic for Traviz.

That’s not the end. Here is the biggest benefit that Traviz won from the interview effort:


First position in the related keyword search! Now, that is a massive advantage that brings in traffic in large volumes.

“50,000 people came to our blog. We still get about 100 people per day from organic traffic. We’re still number one for ‘top dance studio,’ ‘best dance studio’ – all these variations, so that’s the big thing,” Traviz adds.

You can also increase the content on your website by integrating TargetBay Reviews and QA. This helps you to not only create relevant content but, user-generated content that search engines and shoppers love.

So follow the giants. Churn out relevant content and win the much-deserved traffic.

3.Taking Social Media Seriously

The best way to make your content reach a large population of the audience is through social media. After all, we are all compulsive social media enthusiasts and anything which comes in our news feed commands our undivided attention.

Gilt is one brand which is rocking the social media scene with its high-end fashion and lifestyle images. Their posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not salesy, yet so stylish that they make you buy their fashion wares right away.

eCommerce Brands On Social Media

But, social media success does not happen overnight. You have to create and curate content on a regular basis. Visual content is crucial since they help capture shoppers attention easily.

You should start now if you have not already started.

4. Get Maximum ROI For Paid Ads

Paid advertising is the best way to reach the maximum number of potential customers in a short span of time. Even if your eCommerce website doesn’t have elaborate organic traffic or SEO presence, paid ads will work for you. Your ads will be highlighted on top of search engine results as well as displayed to relevant social media users.

This is how paid search ads will appear compared to organic search results.

PPC Ads Example

But, it is not that easy either. You have to consider several paid ad optimization factors to get click-throughs.

For instance, if you are using Google AdWords, the Google Ads ad copy you use must be genuine and relevant to what you have to offer. The price you pay for the keyword bid and the relevancy is what pushes the result higher.

Secondly, you cannot ignore negative keywords. Filter out negative keyword terms so that you do not rank for the wrong keywords that bring in irrelevant ads.

Luckily, the Google AdWords Keyword tool helps do that without much fuss.

AdWords Negative Keywords

5. Grab Attention With Display Advertising

Paying for ads on high-authority websites on the Internet is display advertising. In display advertising, you can showcase your products more clearly with images and graphics to lure customers in.

Display Ads

You can also place display adverts in video websites like YouTube, DailyMotion and the likes. These ads play pre-roll – before the video begins; mid-roll – in between the video, post-roll – after the video or at specific times as you want it. You can also place the video ads on the home page or as in-page video suggestions. Depending on the plan you choose, your videos can also be skippable or non-skippable.

Youtube Ads

In A Nutshell

With millions of websites on the Internet, and thousands of online stores going live every single day, bringing traffic to your online store is not an easy task. There is competition surrounding you at all corners. More traffic is the only way to improve your conversion rates.

The best online stores have tweaked the Internet and its many offerings to drive more traffic to their online stores. These strategies have helped thousands of online store drive targeted traffic. The good news is, most of these techniques cost very less to no money. Your time and effort is all they ask for.

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