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Bazaarvoice Alternatives? 5 Reasons Why TargetBay Is Your Best Fit!

Bazaarvoice Alternatives 5 Reasons Why TargetBay Is Your Best Fit!

If you are looking for Bazaarvoice alternatives, you will be familiar with product reviews and the importance they bring to your online stores. It’s one of the best methods to build quality organic traffic to your website. Personally, we have witnessed the surge in organic traffic that clients get from the very first month they start using TargetBay reviews and QA.

Get 12X More Reviews

Let it be Bazaarvoice or Yotpo or any other review tool out there, they will give you a widget that can be embedded in your eCommerce website that lets customers enter the review. The other way how you can get a review is through in-email review collection form which can be sent to users right after a product is shipped.

But with TargetBay, you go one step higher and collect reviews through:

Order comment pop-up: Order comment pop-ups have proven to collect 95% of positive reviews for our customers because it asks customers for their review right after they have completed their transaction. A customer would never buy a product if he was unhappy about it, so enable TargetBay order comment pop-up and generate tons of positive reviews.

Segmented review emails: Segment the review collection email and send an email to customers to collect a maximum number of reviews.

Include Reviews In Marketing Emails

TargetBay is not only just a review collection platform but rather an eCommerce marketing platform that helps build loyal customer as well as to improve sales. With the help of TargetBay personalized emails, you can include what customers are talking about the product and shoot out mailers for better conversion. Make more use of your customer reviews by migrating to the TargetBay review collection platform.

You can also easily win back 70% of the abandoned cart through TargetBay’s abandoned cart email.

Get The Social Mileage

Import all reviews to your Facebook page with our one-click Facebook integration platform. Engage better with customers on the social platform to build customer loyalty and engagement. These social reviews work as a great testimonial for your brand. Also, all the reviews posted through TargetBay can easily be shared on the social media platform. This enables to get the word about your brand to multiple social media profiles.

QA Widget Letting You Connect Better With Customers

That’s not all, there is also a QA widget that comes along with the review widget to help solve customer queries instantly. Not only sell to customers but build a long-lasting relationship with TargetBay.

Better Price To Suit All eCommerce Stores

We are not building just for the enterprises out there, we have a unique platform that fits all kinds of online stores. We are just priced at $199/month which helps you get all these benefits that can get you 3X more revenue.

If you are looking for Bazaarvoice alternatives, we are sure you will be convinced that TargetBay is the best fit that does so much more for just a fraction of a cost. Our customer support is top-notch and we will do everything possible from our end to help you succeed.

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