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10 Skincare Email Examples That Will Impress Your Customers

skincare email examples to impress your customers

Every day, a new skincare brand is popping up around the city. Homemakers, celebrities, and other entrepreneurs are coming forward to build this world of cosmetics, skincare products, and other essentials to make customers feel young and fresh.

If you are on a venture to open your skincare brand, you must also think of how you will market your products. Email marketing is an affordable channel for beginners to take their skincare products to the audience. 

Here are some examples of skincare email campaigns that can impress your customers. You can use these examples to build your campaigns from scratch using email marketing software like BayEngage and can automate your email campaigns without any hustle.

Example #1 Welcome emails

Welcoming your customers is the first interaction that is made with your audience. So make sure your welcome emails convey everything about your store, the type of products you have, new product launches, and the perks your customers get out of your product.

Kylie Cosmetics: This is the best example of a skincare welcome email. They have introduced the person behind the skincare product first. Here, we can see Kylie welcoming her customers with cheer. Along with that, there’s a coupon of 15% for new customers. Then, the products are displayed according to categories like new, bestsellers, skin, baby, cosmetics, etc. This creates brand awareness among customers of Kylie Cosmetics’ products in their store.

PRO TIP: A research says Kylie’s email campaigns have only 32 characters in their subject lines, and 60.98% of subject lines have emojis.

kylie's welcome email

Example #2: Free Shipping announcement

Offer free shipping to your customers once in a while to get back their attention to buying skincare products from you in that particular season.

Farmacy: Make sure your email campaigns convey free shipping with much excitement. Farmacy has used a powerful heading that is exciting and known to all. This is definitely an eyecatcher for your customers. “Ship, ship, hooray!” is a simple phrase, yet it conveys the main focused message of the campaign.

Farmacy shipping email

Example #3: Create awareness about the perks and the motives of your brand

It’s always interesting when people learn the quality of your products and the motives behind your business. So if your product is free from parabens, sulfates, eco-friendly, recyclable plastics, etc., It’s better to communicate with your customers about the unique specialty of your product, especially for skincare products.

Farmacy:  In this email campaign, you can see how Farmacy is striving towards a beautiful future by focusing on its products’ eco-friendly and recycled packaging. They have added how to consciously cultivate this habit by incorporating it with their skincare brand. They have also used the color code green to root the hearts with the motto go green.

Farmacy awareness email

Example #4: Share your brand’s story

It is always important to tell customers about your brand and the founder’s stories to inspire them to buy from you. Here’s an example of Pixi Beauty’s skincare welcome email.

Pixi Beauty: Pixi Beauty’s welcome email shares the history of the brand and also about the founder, Petra. And they have also displayed their products in a manner where people can quickly sort each category. They also offer customers free shipping, free samples, an easy return policy, and referral programs.    

Pixi Beauty brand story

Example #5: Thanks for subscribing to newsletter emails

It is important to get your subscriber’s attention right after they subscribe or perform any activity on the website. So, make your thank you email more valuable to your readers. Add information about your brand and what people can expect (could be skincare routine and product benefits) from your monthly newsletter updates.

Kiehl’s: Kiehl’s started off with a personalized note to the subscribers. Using the second person while conveying something adds more value to your readers. Keeping your message short and sweet is always good so readers don’t miss out on anything.

“You’ll now be among the first to discover new formulas, special offers, exclusive events, and more!” (Kiehl’s newsletter)

kiehls newsletter emails

Example #6: Rewards and Referrals

Referral programs and reward points are key to growing your customer base and increasing sales and revenue for your skincare business. This is the gateway to impress your customers as they get to experience bonus points events, tier-based offers, birthday surprises, and other exclusive offers.

  1. Laneige: Laneige has created an animated character that looks like a water droplet (which is definitely cute and adorable). Using these characters, they explained the referral programs in simple terms (Join, Earn, Redeem) but attractively.
laneige loyalty program

2. Pixi Beauty: Pixi Beauty has clearly explained the different reward programs the customers can expect. Customers can also know about the different perks and benefits of purchasing from Pixi.

pixi beauty- VIP rewards

Example #7: Emails with a different typography

Ordinary: A different typography can be used, like Ordinary, to get customers’ attention. This is again like a small newsletter that talks about how they add more value to customers. They have showcased some of their products based on different skin types. They have also shared a bit about their customer service, where people can consult anything about skincare. 

Pro tip: Focusing more on the customer than sounding promotional will always be a hit among customers.

ordinary-different typography

Example #8: Abandoned cart recovery emails

To stay in customers’ minds, we must keep them strung with back-to-back reminders. This can help in regaining their attention back to your skincare brand.

Nykaa: Here’s a hyper-personalized abandoned cart recovery email where they displayed pictures of the products I abandoned a day ago. They have also added a call-to-action button directly redirecting to the checkout page. This will make it easier for customers to buy the product quickly.

By creating a demand that the offer is going to end soon, customers might want to finish the purchase.

nykaa- abandoned cart email

Example #9: Seasonal emails

Seasonal emails are another type of promotional email where you can offer exclusive discounts to your customers.

  1. The Tribe Concepts: Tribe Concepts has curated a sale for Christmas. They have also displayed different bestsellers from their store, suggestions, and the products they have reserved 
the tribe concepts- christmas sale email

2. Kylie: They have come up with a promotional offer along with summer skincare tips. This adds more value to readers who want to care for their skin during summer. They have displayed their products and benefits to inform customers about their brand’s useful qualities.

Kylie cosmetics- seasonal emails

Example #10: Announcement of exciting offers

People have become more attached to the skincare regime and love to restock their everyday essentials when exciting offers are coming up. So, use this moment to craft your email campaigns to impress your customers.

Kiehl’s: Kiehl’s is a great example of using the right moment to grab the audience’s attention. They have curated a sale on the best sellers, especially for the jumbo-sized ones. A sale Exclusively for these jumbo packs and refills is a great way to entice customers and motivate them to restock essential products. 

They have beautifully displayed products and have given the right CTAs to different ranges of products. Always have the heading clear and big so that people won’t miss out on the important information of the email campaign.

kiehls-promotional emails

Wrapping it Up!

Hope you loved going through different skincare email examples and have at least a few takeaways to improve your email campaigns. People love doing skincare, and it has become an essential part of any human being in today’s world. 

Thousands of skincare brands are out there marketing and branding their products in different ways. To stay on top of this, you need to get into the trend, change your marketing strategy, and design campaigns that can impress your customers!

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