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Ecommerce Email Marketing For BigCommerce

It’s no secret that online sales are surging, and the US online retail market is getting bigger. Given the abundance of Ecommerce websites, it can be challenging to cut through the digital noise and stand out from the crowd.

A successful email marketing strategy can help you engage your target audience, convert more visitors into customers, and improve overall sales. With the BigCommerce email integration, you can gather emails from within your website and sync them with your BigCommerce account to send automated emails.

BigCommerce Email integration With BayEngage

Email marketing is one of the most critical channels for Ecommerce marketing and customer retention. An email is a powerful tool for your customers to receive promotions or other marketing material from your BigCommerce store.

Integrating email marketing for BigCommerce stores allows you to create automated flows that help increase sales and increase customer loyalty.

BigCommerce integrates with many email marketing software, including BayEngage. This integration allows you to set up automated workflows that will trigger an email to be sent based on an action happening on your website.

For example, when someone adds a product to their cart but does not complete the purchase, you can trigger an email to be sent reminding them about their abandoned cart and offering an incentive for completing their purchase.

Integrating email marketing with your BigCommerce store also allows you to create segments of customers based on what they have purchased, how much they have spent in your store, and more. This helps you send targeted promotions that are relevant and more likely to convert into sales.

How To Integrate BigCommerce With BayEngage Email Marketing?

To get started, log in to your BigCommerce store.

Step 1: Click Apps

Step 2: Click Marketplace
Step 3: Browse or search for BayEngage Email Marketing App and click on the BayEngage logo
Step 4: Click on the Get this app button.
Step 5: Click Log in if you already have a BigCommerce store, or Sign up to create a new BigCommerce store account.
Step 6: Click on the Install button.
Step 7: Click Confirm to install it.
That’s it! Your BigCommerce store is connected to BayEngage.

Email Marketing Features That Help You Grow

#1 Drag And Drop Editor

Drag & drop email editor is the simplest way to build beautiful emails fast. Forget about coding or relying on designers or developers to get the look you want. With the email marketing platform, you can customize your campaigns with a drag and drop editor that lets you move any content block into any spot in your campaign.

#2 Email Templates

Making a good impression is vital in business, and when it comes to email marketing, that means crafting professional, intuitive templates. The best email marketing tools offer free email templates that you can customize with your images and content. Most offer customized layouts to refine your campaign without HTML or coding knowledge.

#3 Smart Segmentation

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to marketing. That’s where smart email segmentation strategies come in. It allows you to send tailored messages that are relevant to each recipient. You improve your chances of getting a response and converting that contact into a customer.

#4 Analytics And Reports

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Good analytics will better understand how well your campaigns work, who is opening them and clicking through, and which customers are most engaged with your content. That insight can help you create more effective campaigns in the future.

#5 Grow Your List

The more people sign up to your email list, the larger your potential audience is when you send email campaigns. The bigger the audience, the more likely you will make sales in your store. Add a signup form to your online store, blog page and offer exclusive deals and discounts to grow your list.

#6 Targeted Email Campaigns

Creating a targeted email campaign increases your chances of turning readers into customers because you send them directly relevant content to their needs. You can target your audience based on their information, including location, past purchases, or even the links they click in your emails.

#7 Autoresponders

Automation can be a huge time saver, letting you schedule messages to go out in advance. It also gives your products more visibility when customers aren’t actively shopping because they’ll still get emails from you even if they haven’t visited your website recently.

#8 Email Deliverability

The percentage of successfully delivered emails is one of the most significant factors in your email marketing service choice. If your emails can’t get into your customers’ inboxes, you’re wasting your time (and money). While every provider claims high email deliverability rates, we recommend choosing two or three providers and sending a test campaign to see how many make it into your inboxes.

#9 A/B Testing

A/B testing is a great way to optimize your email campaigns. This allows you to send two different versions of the same email to two groups and measure the results. Then you can see what works better and use that version for everyone else. A/B testing lets you get creative with your marketing emails.

#10 Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation comes in handy when you want to create a specific series of emails triggered by user activity and personalized with your customers’ needs in mind. For example, you can create an automated email campaign for customers who abandoned their carts or have been inactive on your site for a while.

Why Switch To BayEngage For BigCommerce Email Marketing Integration

If Ecommerce is your business, and you’re looking for a solid shopping cart with a great deal of flexibility and customization options — look no further.

BigCommerce integrates with BayEngage so you can promote your products, showcase new sales, and more right in the inbox of your customers.

Once you have connected your BigCommerce store to your BayEngage account, you’ll have access to some powerful marketing tools:

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Email marketing for BigCommerce is a powerful ecommerce platform that allows businesses to sell online with ease. BigCommerce email integration will enable companies to seamlessly connect their email marketing efforts with their store to increase sales and conversions.
You can send your campaign out within minutes or hours, depending on the size of your email list. You might need time to set up and test before sending your first campaign if you’re starting.
Yes, it is possible to use your BayEngage app if you switch from one Ecommerce platform to another. Our support team is available 24×7 to help you with any questions or concerns.
No. BayEngage is a simple yet powerful email marketing for BigCommerce that lets you easily create and send campaigns to your customers within a few minutes.

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