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10 Email Marketing Tips For Your Political Campaign Emails In 2023

If you’re thinking about running for an elected office, you might be focused on election day. But what about your email marketing campaign look like today to reach potential constituents? Is your current strategy producing results you expect from a 50-50 chance base of constituents?

From the primaries to the fight for the White House, there is a lot of ground to cover. In this post, we will go over some email marketing tips that you can use to make your political campaign emails successful.

How Email Marketing Will Benefit Your Political Campaign Emails

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can benefit any political campaign. Even with the rise of social media marketing, email remains one of the most effective ways to reach voters.

Now let’s talk about some benefits of political campaign emails!

Cost-effective: Email is more cost-effective to reach supporters than many other channels like print ads or TV/radio spots. Email marketers see an ROI of $44 for every dollar spent.

Reminder about important dates: Establish rapport with potential voters by sending reminders about important dates such as election day, primaries, or other time-sensitive information.

Highly targeted: Emails allow you to segment your list and send targeted messages, improving your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Measurable: Email marketing provides detailed tracking reports to see how many people opened your email, clicked links, and unsubscribed.

10 Tips To Make Your Political Campaign Emails A Hit

Email is an effective way to reach your audience. It’s an excellent method for reaching out to supporters, and it can also be used as political campaign fundraising emails to increase voter turnout.

Here are ten tips that can make your political campaign emails stand out.

1. Build A High-Quality Email List

Building an email list from scratch can be more complex than it sounds. It’s hard to know who’s interested in your campaign, how people will respond, and how to get their attention. Luckily, you can follow some basic steps to build a high-quality email list.

If you’re still wondering, here are some tips:

– Use a pop-up form to collect emails on your website.
Include a link to your signup page on social media profiles.
Ask for people’s emails whenever you have in-person interactions with voters.
Run a giveaway and offer an entry for signing up for the email list.
Create a signup option at the end of blog posts, videos, or other content you share online.

Best of all, ask for permission to send people emails, and if you don’t get it, those emails will be spam. Ensure that when you collect the email address, you make it clear they are permitted to receive emails from your campaign.

2. Segmentation & Personalization

Sending the same email to your entire email list is a sure-fire way to get your emails ignored and sent straight to the trash. The first step toward creating an effective email marketing campaign is segmenting and personalizing your audience.

The easiest and most impactful way to do this is by using custom fields in your email marketing software. Custom fields allow you to create unique groups within your list based on demographics, location, interests, engagement with previous emails, or whatever else you’d like.

Segmentation allows you to tailor the content of your emails to specific groups, increasing the likelihood that they’ll open and read it. You can also use custom fields to personalize subject lines and content: it boosts open rates.

3. Use A Powerful Subject Line

Most email marketers assume that a well-crafted subject line is crucial to an email’s success. While this is true, it’s also essential to understand what elements go into creating a powerful subject line.

Your political campaign emails should avoid generic subject lines like “Vote for candidate X” or “Help candidate Y win the election.” Instead, try to make the subject line as specific to the recipient as possible by:

Personalize the subject line with their first name or other personal data. Some of the best email marketing software providers can do this automatically.

Tailoring the content of the subject line to match their political views, values, and voting history. Again, some of the best email marketing software for campaigns can do this for you with setup time.

💡Pro tip: Don’t use the subject line “Important message” unless you want your email to get lost in the spam folder.

4. A/B Test Your Copy

The most direct way to improve your email marketing is to test it. A/B testing lets you make two versions of the same email, each with only one variable changed, and then send them out to a small sample of your list.

Whichever version does better in the metrics that matter to your campaign(open rate, CTR, etc.) A/B testing lets you get more scientific about what changes to make to your emails.

For example, suppose you’re unsure whether a particular email subject line will resonate with your audience. In that case, you can try it on half of your list and see what happens — rather than making an uneducated guess or using a shotgun approach and sending multiple different subject lines out simultaneously.

5. Adjust Email Cadence With Activity Level

Marketing is a numbers game. Any email marketing campaign you run needs to be supported by a constant stream of new leads. If you aren’t bringing in new prospects daily, you’ll fall behind in the race.

So if you’re running a political campaign emails and you’ve got an email list of 600 supporters, that’s 600 people who will receive your emails. And those supporters are getting bored with your messaging and losing interest in your cause.

To avoid this, the best way to get them excited about your cause again is to adjust your cadence from one email every few days to one email every day. Each supporter receives a new message every day, and they’re likely to open it, if only for habit.

6. Make Your Copy Interactive

As a political candidate, you’re not just running for office. You’re also running a campaign. And as with any other type of marketing campaign, emailing is your most effective tool.

Email marketing is the best way to get your message out there. But the effectiveness of your political email campaign depends on your ability to craft meaningful, engaging messages that resonate with voters.

To make your copy less intimidating, you can break up large blocks of text by adding:

– Bulleted lists
– Images
– Gifs and videos
– Interactive elements like polls or surveys

Add a donate button to every email you send. The button should be easy to find and available on every page of your email. It should appear above the social media icons.

You should never ask people for money, but you can include ways to get involved (sign a lawn sign, make a donation, hold a virtual house party) and remind them of how they can support the campaign (by voting, volunteering, etc., etc.).

7. Optimize Campaigns For Mobile Devices

A majority of email recipients open campaign emails on their mobile devices.

If your campaign emails are not optimized for mobile devices, you will lose a significant portion of your audience. Make sure that your emails are responsive and easily viewed on mobile devices.

As always, it’s essential to keep in mind that having a responsive email is not enough if the content isn’t mobile-friendly.

Include clear headlines, write crisp paragraphs, and include plenty of white space so that they can easily digest content on a small screen.

8. Pick The Right Sender Name

Picking a sender’s name seems like a minor detail. However, it is the first thing the recipient sees and can influence whether they open your email.

Here are some tips for optimizing the sender’s name:

– Don’t use a generic sender name. “Voting Team” or “2020 Campaign” is not memorable. Use your candidate’s name or official campaign title.

– Keep it consistent. Once you’ve picked a sender name, keep using it! If you change it up with each email, people will become confused and might not open your emails in the future because they won’t recognize your address.

– Avoid shady-looking characters and symbols. Something that looks like a scammer trying to trick people into opening their emails.

9. Utilize Ready-Made Political Email Templates

If you’re trying to reach hundreds of supporters daily, creating emails from scratch is not a good use of your time. Moreover, you may not have much experience to draw from when crafting your email messages if you’re starting.

The good news is there are plenty of high-quality political campaign email templates available that can help you get the job done faster.

Many of these political campaign email templates will be designed for businesses, but you can still use them for your campaign. Just swap the images and text with the ones relevant to your campaign.

You can find all kinds of free email templates online. We’ve also included some examples in the sections below.

10. Choose The Right ESP

If you’re running a political campaign, especially if you’re trying to win an election, you need to be in tune with the latest developments in technology. You can’t expect voters to be using the same outdated software that politicians still use today.

The best email marketing software can help you deliver relevant content to your audience by making it easy for them to customize their messages. They can also help you track how many people are opening and reading each message, giving you data on which ones are most effective at driving conversions.

One of the best tools is BayEngage, which provides just about everything you need from a professional-grade email marketing platform — plus templates explicitly tailored for political campaigns.

4 Best Political Campaign Email Examples

Wondering how to write an email for your political campaign? Here are four examples that use different strategies to communicate with supporters.

#1: Obama's Fundraising Email

President Obama was one of the first politicians to use email marketing as an effective campaign tool. His 2008 campaign raised a whopping $690 million through online donations alone!

During his re-election bid, it was one of the most successful Political campaign fundraising emails in 2012. The email itself was very straightforward. There was no fancy formatting or design work – just a simple message asking for support.

#2: Hillary Clinton's Fundraising Email

Here’s another example of political campaign fundraising emails, but one that effectively uses a CTA button. The other advantage in this example is the sender’s name. Bill Clinton is a familiar face and name, so recipients are more likely to open his email.

#3: Bernie Sanders Fundraising Email

Bernie Sanders’ email is one of the best political campaign email examples. Bernie’s political campaign emails deliver a consistent message, opening with an impactful message and large CTA buttons to make its goal happen.

#4: Obama's Voters Appreciation Email

When it comes to political campaign email examples, few can compare to the expertise of Obama’s political marketing team. Take a look at the email below.

See how the subject line is short and straightforward —it’s easy to read and inspires curiosity. It also makes you want to open the email to understand why these “two simple words” are essential.
The sender’s name is Michelle Obama—a name we all recognize and relates directly to President Obama’s campaign in 2008.
The message is easy to read while also providing value (and not asking for anything).
The CTA button is colorful and placed at the top of the email, so it gets exposure even if you don’t read the body of the email.

What Is The Cost Of Political Campaigns?

It’s a frequently asked question, especially by those looking to run for office. It’s an essential question because campaigns are expensive.

The best email marketing services charge based on the size of your list. It can make affordability a concern for political campaigns, which often operate with extensive email lists.

Some email marketing services like BayEngage offer different pricing plans that give you credits to send newsletters to your subscribers. If you run a political campaign that runs for a short period, this plan may work out better.

Summing Up

Politics is the art of persuasion, and email marketing is one of the most effective types of communication in today’s world.

Email is a personal way to connect with voters, supporters, and donors. When used correctly, email can help you reach your campaign goals.

With that in mind, here are ten tips for using email strategically in your political campaign emails – whether you’re running for local office or a national role.

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