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The perfect email marketing tool for Ecommerce

BayEngage assists you in running successful Email marketing campaigns. Get ready to spoil your customers with personalized content, beautiful seasonal templates, A/B testing, real-time data and many more interesting features.

What more do you need?

And that's not all! Even after your free trial, use BayEngage for FREE until you cross 250 subscribers and send email campaigns up to 2500 emails

By using BayEngage you will..

An easy-to-use email marketing software that helps Ecommerce businesses grow. With our highly personalized brand communication, make it big in no time!

Improve Inbox Capability

Be confident that your emails always reach your customers’ primary inbox. BayEngage ensures that your email campaigns will never end up in the spam box! Get higher open rates and increase the conversion rates exponentially.

Bayengage improve inbox capability
Bayengage test and optimize

Test and Optimize

Try our Standard or A/B split testing. It tests your subject lines, time of sending and sender’s name. This will help you get insights on which of your emails did well and optimize your next email campaign accordingly to get more conversions.

Drag & Drop Editor

Get your hands on over 250+ FREE customizable email templates. Just drag and drop your product images and content, you are set for your email campaigns. You also get access to millions of stock images for your availability.

Bayengage drag and drop editor
Bayengage Automate your emails

Automate Your Emails

Personalize your emails with BayEngage’s automated emails that will reach your customers at the right time. BayEngage has a collection of automated emails to make things efficient for you and increases your ROI through abandoned cart emails and back-in-stock emails.

Create Lists and Segmentation

Import your customer details and it will be automatically segmented according to the customer demographics. You can also create your own custom fields with BayEngage and create new segments! Send out highly targeted emails when you run your campaigns.

Bayengage Create list and segmentation
Bayengage Get higher ctr

Get Higher CTR

With BayEngage’s free customizable 250+ email templates, 2500 emails, and powerful lists and segmentation, you can increase your Click Through Rate to grow your business. We are here to help small businesses to grow!

Get Real-Time Data

Get clear insights on bounce and conversion rates, CTR, sales, customer engagement, and leads. Use these metrics to optimize your next email marketing campaign with ease. This will also help you in understanding what is working for your business!

Bayengage Get real time data

Check Out our collection of 250+ FREE email templates curated for every kind of email campaign!


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Supported Ecommerce Platforms

BayEngage Shopify Integration
BayEngage Woocommerce Integration
BayEngage Magento Integration
BayEngage BigCommerce Integration
BayEngage Shift4Shop Integration
BayEngage Volusion Integration


Do I get customer support?

Yes, when you sign up for BayEngage, you get a very reliable customer support person available to solve your doubts and help you through the process!

If I’m going to migrate from another email marketing platform, will I be able to export my customer data to BayEngage?

Yes, you can! All you have to do is import a CSV (comma delimited) file with your customer data and it will be automatically segmented and you also have the option to create new lists with custom fields.

How quickly can I send my email campaigns?

BayEngage is proud of its simple user experience. You can send your email campaigns using the standard one or the A/B testing option as soon as you sign up to BayEngage!

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing helps in sending different variations of subject lines and content. It will give you metrics on which variant drives more conversions.

Do I need my credit card to do the free trial?

Absolutely not, the best thing about BayEngage is we don’t need your credit card details. All you need to do is register with your email address.

How can I upload my customer details in BayEngage?

You can import your customer profiles with a CSV (comma delimited) file.

Are there any differences between the free trial and the paid subscription?

No, there is no difference. BayEngage’s main objective is to help small Ecommerce businesses to grow.

Do you have stock images to design the Email templates?

Yes, we have thousands of free stock images available and you can edit them as you wish when you use our 250+ free email templates!

Is BayEngage complicated to use?

BayEngage is an easy-to-use software. It doesn’t complicate things for you. If you need further help in navigating the app, click the help icon at the upper right corner and you will be taken to a step-by-step tutorial to use the app.

Is it possible to use my BayEngage app if I choose to switch from one Ecommerce platform to another?

Yes, absolutely. BayEngage is a stand-alone platform. You can continue to use it as long as you have signed up for it!

Do I have to keep updating the customer details every time?

No, your customer list will keep growing as your customers order from your integrated Ecommerce platform.

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