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You’re working hard to build or help Ecommerce stores and we’re here to amplify your business efforts. Ecommerce has made a huge dent in the retail space and the global web sales has already crossed a record $3 trillion as of 2018. Partner with TargetBay to build and implement interesting solutions in the global ecommerce ecosystem.

TargetBay’s Strategic Partners

Agency Partner

Consult on technology strategies with TargetBay customers.

Technology Partner

Consult on technology strategies with TargetBay customers.

Why Partner With TargetBay?

TargetBay is trusted and used by thousands of growing retailers to drive more conversions and scale their businesses as a whole. Ecommerce brands leverage our customer-centric products and solutions to foster meaningful relationships with their shoppers, lower customer acquisition cost and improve customer lifetime value.

Best suited plans to grow your business

New revenue channel to increase sales

Fresh leads to add them as your partners

Referral Partner Benefits

Get 20% of the monthly subscription for a period of one year paid quarterly. We take whatever is the higher number and pay the referral partner every quarter!

We also have a program called "lead for a lead". Whenever a prospective client from your referral signs up with TargetBay, we will send a client from our end that’s interested in development or marketing work your way. Our Customer Success team gets calls every week from our clients looking for Ecommerce development and marketing-related work!

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

There’s no restriction as to who can become a TargetBay partner. If you are running a legitimate business with a working website – apply for our partner program here. Our partner marketing team will get in touch with you shortly.

All you have to do is to fill this form completely. It’s easy to become a TargetBay partner.

We follow a quarterly payment cycle. So, you get paid at the end of every quarter.
There are three partner levels for the number of referrals that you bring in, Silver solution partner – up to 10 – 15% of the monthly subscription Gold solution partner – >=10 and <=25 – 20% of the monthly subscription Platinum solution partner – > 25 referrals – 25% of the monthly subscription Please note – payment will only be made at the end of the quarter. For example, if you join the program and make a referral in Jun’ 2019 – then your first payment will be in Oct’ 19
Yes, you have to sign a partnership agreement and a non-disclosure agreement to be our partner.

For any other queries, please reach out to contactus@targetbay.com


nds on approach and flexibility with advancing their platform to meet our needs is exactly what we seek in a partnership. Our clients have had tremendous success on their platform - from collecting image reviews to a high volume of reviews for Google rankings. TargetBay's integrations with major platforms and efficient custom builds makes TargetBay the top review solution for any website. We are confident we have found a long term solution with this partnership.


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