Estimates put the lost revenue for items abandoned in carts at $4.9 trillion globally. Cart abandonment email increase purchases 19 times more than standard marketing emails, so there's a lot to gain for online retailers. TargetBay’s powerful email automation eliminates a great deal of human interaction and recaptures the lost sales all by itself.

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Get a Massive Revenue Lift on Autopilot Using Email Remarketing

If you are running an Ecommerce store of any kind, you are most probably a member of the cart abandonment club. Cart abandonment is a huge source of lost revenue for Ecommerce businesses. Sending out abandoned cart emails are the single-most effective solution to tackle this unfortunate event.

Volusion abandoned cart email template

Choose From 100+ Customizable Abandoned Cart Email Templates

Leave the burden of designing abandoned cart email templates from scratch to us. You can always make appropriate changes—otherwise, personalize it based on your customers’ interests and unique preferences. You can integrate customer reviews to build trust and loyalty, or offer discounts or free shipping to accelerate the customer’s journey towards a successful purchase. Our pre-built email templates are responsive, accessible, and are purposefully designed to cater to the unique needs of our Ecommerce customers. Get TargetBay’s templates for free and quickly build cart abandonment email campaigns to win your almost-gone shoppers back.

Schedule Your Email to be sent at the most convenient time

When it comes to triggered emails, it’s imperative to get the timing right. Yes, you can sit back and relax, but choosing when and to whom to send the emails to is your responsibility. With targetBay, you will be able to schedule emails based on how far along your customer was in the ordering process and their timezone as well. The key is to reach the customer when they’re most receptive, based on their buying behavior. It’s just as possible to send an email too soon as it is to send one too late. There’s a narrow window when customers are most receptive to an abandoned cart email. Contacting cart abandoners too soon results in lower conversion rates, and you will lose the opportunity if you wait too long.

abandoned cart email timing
abandoned cart email with recommendations

Create Cross-selling Opportunities Through Recommendations

Customers will browse the products listed on your store, choose the ones they like, add them to their carts, and leave. Regardless of why your customers didn’t proceed with their purchase, you must always send a cart abandonment email—as is well known. However, by using the shopper’s previous on-site browsing behavior and purchase history, smart product recommendations can be dynamically pulled into your abandoned cart email. A study suggests that the use of personalized recommendations in email can drive a 28% increase in average order values. When choosing product recommendation for your customers, make sure that it not only compliments the product already saved in the customer’s cart but also fits the customer’s profile (age, gender, previous behavior on your website, older purchases, etc.).

Drive Urgency with Custom Countdown Timers

Scarcity is a powerful psychological sales trigger that smart online retailers take advantage of. Conveying a sense of urgency in your emails is proven effective. Adding content that helps nudge your subscribers to act immediately is a strikingly effective way to improve email open rates and potential sales. Adding a count timer element to your abandoned cart email enables you to visually reinforce the sense of urgency in your emails—and drive your customers to act. This feature makes it easy for online retailers to create a sense of urgency for limited time offers, letting subscribers know exactly how much time they have to take action.

abandoned cart email with live count timer

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