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Abandoned cart emails help brands re-engage customers who have not completed the purchase. Rather than using them to simply remind users about products in their carts, TargetBay leverages several features to drive conversions.

Clever marketing automation for Magento Ecommerce stores

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Inspire users to complete purchases by showcasing relevant products from your store. Such personalized recommendation in an abandoned cart email could increase the average order value by helping customers discover products they might have not noticed.


Studies of abandoned carts show that the main reason for cart abandonment is the price or unexpected charges during checkout. By including a coupon in abandoned carts, brands can nudge customers into buying.



Peer reviews are an important consideration for any online shopper. Sharing product reviews in abandoned cart emails instills faith in the product, in turn optimizing conversions.

Smart pop-ups to collect emails

TargetBay’s intuitive pop-ups try to collect emails of new customers who are about to exit the site without completing the purchase.

What makes TargetBay Abandoned Cart Emails special?

Advanced Segmentation & Automation

Laser-sharp focus on target audience makes communication highly contextual and relevant. Advanced automated workflow helps you create and send personalized emails to specific segments.

Easy-to-use automated email workflows

The interface is easy-to-use and you can access the app even when you’re on the go. You have complete control!

Complete Support

Our customer support team will be in touch with you directly and help you through the entire process.

Hundreds of Magento stores are benefiting from TargetBay’s Abandoned Cart Emails

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