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Volusion Welcome Emails

When you send a welcome email to a new blog or newsletter subscriber, or a new customer, you’re making a first impression on behalf of your brand. Not just that, studies reveal that subscribers who receive welcome emails engage 33% better than those who receive regular emails. TargetBay introduces its Volusion plugin—to support retailers’ efforts to optimize their communication with their customers. To get started, you can choose a template and create a Volusion welcome email with your business information and logo. You can create individual welcome campaigns for each segment.

Volusion Back-In-Stock Emails

Don’t lose sales because your products are out of stock. Let your customers know when their products are available again, incentivize their need, and land a sale on autopilot. Volusion Back in stock emails — triggered and sent in various ways — are a simple, yet effective way to capitalize on purchase opportunities. In comparison to average promotional sends, this email has seen the following lifts: Open rate: +89% Click rate: +101% Conversion rate: +139% RPE: +751%. However, don’t overwhelm the customer with a lot of information. Keep them focused on your main goal of getting them back to the product.

Volusion Win-Back Emails

It’s not easy to re-engage a customer who lost interest in your brand, but, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. Our Volusion win-back email marketing for ecommerce stores help you re-engage lapsed customers who show signs that they aren’t interested in your brand anymore. It’s a polite nudge to “wake them up” and get them to buy from your shop again. Did you know that roughly 60% of subscribers in an emailing list are inactive at any given time? A welcome email campaign brings such subscribers back into your sales and marketing funnel. This, in turn, contributes to your revenue generation pipeline.

Volusion Abandoned Cart Emails

As the ecommerce industry grows, Volusion abandonment cart email rates grow right along with it. In fact, 7 out of 10 online shoppers leave their transaction prematurely. If ecommerce businesses reduced their cart abandonment rate by a mere 1 percent, it would literally add trillions in online revenue. Email denotes one of the most lucrative sales channels in regards to cart abandonment. With BayEngage, you can set email triggers, send personalized emails with incentives, social proof, urgency, and so much more.

Volusion Replenishment Emails

Getting leads to convert to customers is one thing. But, how do you get customers to buy again and again? For frequently purchased consumer goods, you can send customers a timely reminder to repeat the purchase they recently made. By reminding folks what they’ll lose out on if they don’t renew or replenish, you give your business the best chance to keep them as customers for longer. You can even offer discounts for returning customers to make them even more eager to buy more.

Volusion Price-Drop Emails

Price decrease emails have the highest conversion rate and click-to-conversion (9.68%) rate of all promotional emails. These emails encourage price-conscious shoppers and increase loyalty by providing useful information. Details of the browsed item should be included in the email to remind the shopper what they looked at and make the offer more compelling. Price Drop campaigns are perpetually popular with retailers and customers alike. Everyone likes to know they’re making a saving, especially when they’re in control of it.

In addition to the above, custom email templates can be created for scenarios as per brand requirements.

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Don’t miss a single business opportunity. Leave your clients’ life-cycle on automatic pilot, right from capture to sale. Email newsletters are one such task you can automate, and reap benefits automatically. These are informative emails sharing your latest news and announcements. That could include blog articles, curated content, events, sales, or anything else you have to share. The fact that a newsletter email is delivered on a set schedule that your audience can expect, improves its efficiency drastically. With TargetBay’s Volusion app, online retailers can set up triggers at regular intervals to introduce a new feature, product, or even an article.

Drip email campaigns

An email drip campaign is a series of automated emails that are sent in a particular order after a specific user takes a triggering action. If you aren’t already aware, these emails have an 80 percent higher open rate than single send emails. Drip campaigns can be used to support different strategies and outcomes, from customer retention to nurturing leads. BayEngage’s email marketing for Volusion enables its users to create and send targeted email campaigns exclusively built for specific scenarios.

Promotional & Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal email campaigns are important for retail. According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales account for 20% of all retail sales. Planning an effective seasonal campaign not only takes a significant organization, but it also takes a considerable amount of time. This is why we strongly recommend employing email automation.

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