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The power of email templates: How can it be a game-changer in your email marketing


With the advent of Social Media and other visual mediums, people have started consuming better visual content more than ever before. 

If your website or Insta post is not visually appealing, your content will not be taken seriously. And the same goes for emails! So you need prebuilt email templates, and these email templates should be highly responsive too. If your emails are not rendered correctly on the subscribers’ smartphones, your emails might be deleted immediately. 

And that’s how much important an email template is.

So What Is An Email Template?

An email template is an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) file consisting of reusable code modules that allow you to easily copy and paste any links, images, or URLs to the email.

And the defining features of an email template are its reusability and its dynamic editability.

And usually, you will have access to email templates when you subscribe to Email Service Providers (ESP) like BayEngage

An efficient email template will have a drag and drop editor, millions of stock images, a feature to add product details, and email copies that will cover all of the customer journeys!

A well-built email template is pre-designed or pre-written which can be used for sending business emails to current and potential customers. You can edit the content to reflect your brand images, such as your company logo “(by the way, use a logo maker to quickly get a logo, if you don’t have one yet)”, product details, signature, brand color, and CTAs.

Benefits of Email Templates to Your Business

There are many reasons why email templates will be a game-changer in your email marketing. Here are a few:

Email Templates Save Time:

Marketing, in general, takes up a lot of time and effort. And you don’t want to lose time building your own template every time you send an email. That’s not an efficient way and you will end up losing focus on more important things like email marketing strategies and brand positioning. 

With edits, testing and report, you will lose several hours in building your own email templates. Instead, you could opt for pre-built email templates, it will save three-fourth of your time! And it will let you concentrate on improving your products and services.

Email templates are one of the most important tools that effective email marketers use to stay dynamic and level their marketing efforts.

And, because you’re putting in less effort on email templates, you’ll have more opportunities to focus on creating better content and copy for your email campaigns or other strategic initiatives that contribute to success.


Consistency is key to any successful marketing campaign and email templates give you the power of consistency. It lets you stick to your brand colors, image, voice, and design. And one look from the email subscriber will allow them to realize that that particular email is from your brand. This helps in improving your brand awareness.

The consequences of failing to be consistent with your emails are severe. It might even let you lose out on sales and your emails might be marked spam! And you know what ISPs do to email senders that have higher spam rates? They get blocked! 

This is why you need email templates!

Email templates allow you to be consistent with your branding which results in higher open rates and lower spam complaints.

Personalization Is A Dark Horse

Email templates can be highly personalized. You can personalize the content in email templates before sending them out. They are easily editable, from design, colors, copy, images to every last component of the email template!

And when an email marketing campaign is highly personalized, you get higher click-through rates as it reels in the interest of your target audience with ease.

The more your emails get opened, the more people will get to know about your brand, and the more you will get to know what your subscribers like to open through your email campaign performance report. 

Unfortunately, some marketers haven’t found the gold mine of opportunities that personalization gives them. 

But we want you to be smart and realize the endless possibilities with email templates: A/B testing, drag, and drop editor, pre-written content, easy editability, and real-time reports.

Increases Customer Engagement And Satisfaction

When you don’t have to sit for several hours making email templates for every email you send, you will get a lot more time on your hands to schedule more emails at consistent time intervals.

This will ultimately improve customer engagement rate as your email subscribers will feel that you are making efforts in improving your communication with them. 

In addition to increased engagement, your brand will be more likely to be top of their minds with consistent emails!

Customer engagement and satisfaction are interrelated. When you try to build a strong relationship with your customers or potential ones, You will also get to know more about what they like and dislike which will let you do better for them, resulting in increased customer satisfaction!

Easily Track the Performance of Your Email Templates

When you subscribe to a good Email Service Provider, you will get access to a varied collection of email templates, which you can use to trial and test. This way, you can learn what design, colors or copy gives you higher open rates and click-through rates. And you can also learn which email templates gave you higher unsubscriber and bounce rates.

The best thing about email templates is that you can A/B test each and every element of it and track its performance to learn from your mistakes and make each email campaign better than the previous one!

Now that we have discussed the benefits of email templates and how they can be a game-changer in your email marketing, let’s wind up with a few pointers!

How to Get Started With Email Templates

As I have mentioned before, to get good email templates that will cover all of your customer journeys, you will need to subscribe to an ESP.

After that,

  • Set email campaign goals – know what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Are you trying to get back lost sales? Then you have the abandoned cart email templates! Abandoned cart email templates should be alluring enough to get back the customer that left the website without completing the purchase!

  • You should have welcome email templates that fit your brand to promote a healthy relationship with your subscribers. Make the best first impression!

  • And then you have the newsletter email templates, you need to create a consistent email design for this template as you will be sending newsletters to your subscribers every month.

  • And there are some must-have email templates such as the Order confirmation email templates. The design for order confirmation emails should be clear and concise and it should place importance on the confirmation of the product order.

  • And never forget about the re-engagement emails! Not all of your subscribers are going to stay active with your emails, your emails might get lost in the swarm of emails in their inbox. And send some attractive emails to get them back into the sales cycle.

I hope this blog helped you understand the importance of a good email template and made you ready for what to expect!

Ajitha Victor

Ajitha Victor

Ajitha Victor is an Associate Content Lead at the TargetBay Marketing team. She loves creating content and inbound marketing. She loves reading and creative writing whenever she gets time and she never misses a chance to have a good conversation with someone over a cup of chai!

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