TargetBay - Proud Winner Of 2016 Rising Star Award

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14.Dec.2016 targetbay - News

TargetBay Is The Proud Winner Of 2016 Rising Star Award

TargetBay Is The Proud Winner Of 2016 Rising Star Award

TargetBay has been providing eCommerce shop owners the right tools to understand their shoppers better and run email campaigns for maximum ROI., one of the top business listing websites, decided to reward us with two awards and recognizing how valuable it is for eCommerce site owners.

We were enthralled when we received the email stating we won the ‘Rising Star Award 2016‘ and ‘Great User Experience Award 2016‘. It was a great confidence boost for our entire team who have been working tirelessly to put out a user friendly product. In achieving these two awards under the CRM software category, we are glad that the time spent on planning and building the product’s UX has yielded good results. What is more, TargetBay has also been included in FinancesOnline’s top 15 CRM software solutions list.

In their TargetBay review here, have clearly underlined the ease of use of the product by non-technical end users to run profitable campaigns. The user experience award highlights how TargetBay’s UI is easy to navigate. Users find it easy to use all our features, making our on-boarding process quite simple. With our features ranging from acquiring data to taking actions, our SaaS product is self sufficient and competent amongst other personalization products out there. ‘The Rising Star Award 2016‘ only proves our ability to put up a winning fight and becomes one of the top eCommerce personalization tools in a short period.

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