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Shopify’s Mailchimp integration is going away – What happens next?


I am Pon Pandian, one of the founders of TargetBay. Most of you would have already heard about the Mailchimp and Shopify integration going away on May 12th. We want to provide clarity to Shopify merchants on this developing situation and present them with an alternative. According to Builtwith, 132,000 Shopify merchants in the United States are currently using Mailchimp. All of these businesses will have to find a new email service provider in the next four weeks.

Mailchimp integration will stop working on May 12th

Mailchimp email marketing app was removed from the Shopify app store on March 19th, 2019. So the Mailchimp app will no longer be available for new eCommerce stores. Both companies have advised Shopify merchants who are currently using Mailchimp to find an alternate solution by May 12th, 2019. Having worked with several Shopify merchants over the last five years, I have observed that most of them own small to medium-sized businesses and do not have large teams.

Most of the Shopify merchants do not have the in-house technical expertise required to switch from Mailchimp to another email service provider at such short notice. Mailchimp has recommended ShopSync, Zapier, and Automate.io as alternate options. While these options might sound simple for developers regular Shopify merchants might not know how to go about it.

How can we help?

TargetBay works closely with several Shopify merchants for their email marketing. Unlike MailChimp, we focus only on Ecommerce and not on all industries. We have deep integration with Shopify. Here’s a comparison table for easy understanding:

TargetBay Mailchimp
Ecommerce Specialists Generalists
Deep integration with Shopify No longer available for Shopify
Smart, built-in pop-up solution

Behavioral welcome pop-up and exit pop up personalized for every customer

Basic pop-up solution
Advanced Email Workflow for:

1. Welcome emails

2. Abandoned Cart emails

3. Win-back emails

4. Post-purchase emails

5. Reorder emails

6. Out of stock emails

7. Back in stock emails

8. Birthday and anniversary emails

Basic email triggers like abandoned cart and welcome emails
Coupon integration for both static and dynamic coupons Coupons have to be manually uploaded to the account
AI-powered Product Recommendation Engine.

Automatic upsell, cross-sell, frequently bought together can be dynamically generated in emails to increase the order value

Basic product recommendation
Powerful Reviews Integration.

TargetBay has a fully loaded reviews solution that helps collect product reviews and site reviews. Include reviews data all the email campaigns and automated workflow to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) by 45%

No reviews integration
Easy-to-use email editor with drag-and-drop for adding coupons, recommended products, price, reviews Basic email editor that is not designed exclusively for eCommerce email marketing
Over 50 ready-to-use, Ecommerce specific templates for email newsletters and automated workflow emails. Cookie-cutter email templates that are not focussed on eCommerce

Worried about the price?

We care deeply about SMB merchants using Shopify. Our pricing is fair. We have decided to match the price you are currently paying for Mailchimp. This is our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.

Our Shopify email experts will do the migration

Plenty of other companies have jumped into the ring saying that they offer the best alternate solution to MailChimp. While these companies are maybe comparable to Mailchimp in their features, none of them have offered to help the impacted Shopify merchants with the data migration, designing and creating the email templates or setting up the workflow emails.

This is where our experience of working with Shopify merchants will make a big difference. We understand that you might not have the technical resources or time to do this switch in just four weeks. Here is what we are offering all the Shopify merchants who are using Mailchimp:

1. Installing the Shopify app – TargetBay’s email experts will install TargetBay’s email marketing Shopify app.

2. Migrating the data – We will migrate all the subscribers’ data from Mailchimp to TargetBay.

3. Email templates – We will migrate all your email templates from Mailchimp to TargetBay.

4. Setting up the automated workflow emails – We will set up automated emails such as welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, win-back emails, post-purchase emails, etc.

5. Designing the pop-ups – TargetBay’s built-in pop-up solution is more advanced than Mailchimp’s basic pop-ups. Our Shopify experts will design these welcome, exit and other behavioral pop-ups.

We will migrate all the data from your Mailchimp account to TargetBay, without any additional charge.

Ready to make the switch?

Please click this link to speak to our Shopify email experts and we will get started with your account right away. Calendly link: https://calendly.com/targetbay

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