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9 Steps to Business Growth Using Multichannel Marketing

9 Steps to Business Growth Using Multichannel Marketing

For a long time, multichannel sales were considered only as an additional tool that could improve the marketing strategy and promote business development. However, the active digitization of processes and increased interest of users in purchases through websites, applications, and various programs have become the reasons for changing views on this decision.

In such conditions, a multichannel strategy has become a necessity, without which it is difficult to achieve the desired results and increase sales. This fact is also confirmed by SOFTTEK research. They showed that companies using multichannel sales manage to retain about 89% of customers. What is the secret of such a strategy, and how to implement it in practice? We suggest you find out the answers to these questions in the prepared material.

essence of multichannel marketing

What is the essence of multichannel sales?

Quite significant changes have been taking place in the field of sales for several years. This is primarily related to the behavior of buyers. They increasingly choose online shopping, using all possible channels for this. These include websites, applications, special programs, and other tools.

This trend is explained very simply – shopping on the Internet is very convenient. Moreover, customers can get more information about the product and ask questions online. There are often situations when the client starts looking at a product/service on the website, then writes to consultants through a form on a social network, and only after that places an order.

  If you conduct a detailed analysis of this situation, it becomes clear how important a multichannel strategy is. Its essence is that various channels of interaction with users are combined into a single broad mechanism, which on the one hand, provides comfortable conditions for the buyer, and on the other – increases traffic and sales for the business.

That is, the potential client gets satisfaction with his needs and expectations, and the company gets an increase in profits. Such a scheme necessarily involves the stable and uninterrupted functioning of each channel (including a website, social network, application, e-mail, etc.).

How to build an effective Multichannel sales strategy?

Having understood the essence of this approach, you can proceed to the next stage – effective implementation in your marketing strategy. You can do this by following a few simple steps.

1. Learn as much data as possible about your potential audience

learn about your potential audience

You can use special services for this. For example, if you need to find the email address of a lead, knowing only the name and website, then you can use the Findymail service. This is a reliable tool that helps you find verified e-mails that belong to real people. In addition, users of the service can count on several advantages:

  • receiving cleaned data ready for use;
  • the possibility of separating addresses that are not suitable for certain reasons;
  • integration with other important systems. 

This makes using Findymail not only convenient but also efficient. In addition to such applications, in the process of studying data about potential customers, it is worth using analytical tools (for example, Google Analytics). It helps to find the channels through which traffic goes to the site, learn about the behavior of users on it, and also determine the queries through which people get to the site. This data is very valuable, as it provides guidelines for the formation of a multichannel sales strategy.

2. Perform optimization of the web resource for mobile gadgets

mobile optimization


For many modern buyers, smartphones are one of the best ways to find and buy the products they need. In addition, often on the way to this, they first study the accounts of companies on social networks. Buyers choose this way because social networks have gradually moved from the category of entertainment platforms to platforms where you can find the right product and a lot of information about it. Each such user expects a convenient interface and flawless UX. Therefore, in the process of forming multichannel sales, it is worth paying special attention to mobile app development.

3. Conduct surveys

Feedback is the simplest and easiest way to learn a lot of important information about the preferences, interests, and behavior of potential customers. Thanks to this, it can become an important tool for forming an effective multichannel sales strategy.

If we consider social networks, then feedback here can be obtained using various surveys or creating a topic for discussion. An alternative and more effective method of soliciting customer feedback involve leveraging videos. By preparing a comprehensive set of questions and sending it to users for them to record and upload their video responses, businesses can gather insightful feedback in a more engaging and interactive manner. The answers will help to understand in which ways the customer makes a purchase, what is important to him, and where he orders more often (on the website, in the application, or in another way).

conduct surveys


4. Analyze the audience and choose the appropriate communication channels

The essence of the advice is that you need to identify exactly those platforms that are most often used by the target audience. In this case, it is important to have all the necessary data, which is obtained through feedback and analytics.

You need to analyze them and select the channels that potential customers choose most often with the help of social media analytics tools. If the budget for advertising and development of such platforms is limited, then it is worth paying attention to the most profitable of them. The best solution would be to invest in optimizing such channels and finding ways to improve the user experience.

5. Keep active on all channels

This is the essence of multichannel sales. For this strategy to work, it is necessary to constantly be active on all platforms and look for points through which the best interaction with the customer is ensured. The first thing to do is to create comfortable conditions for communication. The user should easily find buttons and forms for orders/consultations or other actions.

To do this, you should set up a seamless and simple multichannel experience. It provides an easy transition between platforms and a fast download speed for each of them. In addition, it is necessary to ensure a certain consistency so that customers do not get confused in the transition process. In this case, the unified design and tone of voice of the brand are important. This adds confidence to the user and confirms that he is on the right track.

6. Conduct segmentation of the target audience

customer segmentation

This procedure is very important because it allows you to provide the personalized approach that almost all visitors expect. The basis for this is the following customer data:

  • location;
  • income;
  • interests and hobbies;
  • preferred way of interacting with the platforms;
  • belief;
  • age;
  • values. 

After studying the specified information, you can choose the most effective way of communicating with each potential client. Under such conditions, the potential buyer will feel his value for the brand, which will automatically increase loyalty.

7. Continuously improve your multichannel strategy

improve your multichannel strategy

Once you’ve successfully researched data and implemented multichannel sales, don’t stop. The same rule applies to this system as it does to the various promotion methods. It constantly needs to be improved. This involves actively testing different headers, messages, functionality, interface buttons, cross-platform connections, and other aspects. This will help not only to maintain a stable result but also to significantly improve it.

8. Create a unified user experience across all channels

Unity and consistency of communication channels are of great importance for the effective functioning of the multichannel sales strategy. This means that they must all have the same features:

  • overall user experience;
  • design;
  • the tone of communication;
  • way of exchanging messages.

All this is necessary so that customers receive the same impression, regardless of which channel they choose to communicate with the brand. In such conditions, the integrity of the brand and its desire to create the most comfortable conditions for the client will be felt.

9. Involve all teams in the process

team work

Ensuring effective multichannel sales is impossible without the unity of all departments. At least 3 divisions should be involved in the process:

  • A team of sales specialists. Their main task should be to find and implement the most convenient and comfortable conditions for concluding agreements with buyers of various segments.
  • A team of marketers. Specialists in this department need to develop relevant offers and create effective advertising for the target audience.
  • A team of customer support specialists. They need to be tasked with developing a model of communication with customers that would help customers feel their value to the company.

If these efforts are joint and coordinated, the result will certainly exceed expectations.


Multichannel sales are one of the most promising tools for developing brands in modern conditions. There is a lot of evidence for this. In particular, the statistics are provided by Think With Google. They indicate that using multichannel strategies helps increase store visits by 80%.

This means that such a method is effective in practice and helps to increase profits. Considering these circumstances, it is possible to conclude about the relevance of the recommendations given in the material. Their use will be an important step on the way to successful sales and business development.

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