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24.Aug.2017 Krithika Siddharth - Facebook Integration

Build Social Trust With TargetBay Facebook Integration

Build Social Trust With TargetBay Facebook Integration

With the social media users reaching a 2.77 billion mark, eCommerce store owners are thriving with an active presence in Facebook and Instagram. If you are one such entrepreneurs with an active Facebook page, Facebook Integration is the right feature that helps you connect your website’s success with your social followers.

What Is Facebook Integration?

You have an amazing collection of user generated content , but how well are you promoting it?

To help you maximize and make the best out of your user generated content, the TargetBay Facebook integration helps by importing the reviews from your eCommerce website to your Facebook page. Build your social presence and trust by displaying real user reviews that matters to your followers.

Why Should You Worry About Social Trust?

Social media is the perfect medium to attract new customers. Customers generated through social media ads can only help in bringing traffic to the website or building a solid fan following. But, conversion is the biggest challenge. It is mainly because, to a follower, you are a new brand. With social trust, the follower will convert into a paying customer.

But with the TargetBay Facebook integration feature, your fanbase access customer reviews through your Facebook page. This helps in the increasing customer trust and conversions. You can also, share reviews on social media platforms and showcase your brand in the positive light.

Start Facebook Integration With The Following Steps:

  • Login to TargetBay Dashboard
  • Navigate to Reviews & QA > Tools > Facebook Reviews
    Facebook Integratoin
  • Click on ‘Login to Facebook’ to link your Facebook page with TargetBay Dashboard
    Facebook Integratoin
  • Follow the authentication steps prompted by Facebook to complete the linking process
  • Once completed, come back to TagetBay dashboard and choose your Facebook page’s name and click ‘Save’. This will migrate reviews from your website to the Facebook page
  • Now visit your Facebook page and you can notice a tab called ‘Reviews’ where you can find user reviews of your site and products.
Double Your Holiday Revenue

Double Your Holiday Revenue

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