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8 Ways AI-Powered Email Marketing Can Improve Your Business in 2023


Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has now integrated with email marketing. As a result, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most crucial technologies in the email marketing industry.

Given its cost-effectiveness and direct approach, it’s no surprise that many email marketers consider AI. They are now utilizing AI-powered email marketing tools to perform various tasks in email marketing, such as writing subject lines and sections of emails, sending personalized emails to individual prospects, optimizing send times, cleaning up email lists, and automatically generating newsletters with exceptional personalization.

As a marketer who engages in email marketing, you should hop in with the trend. Start exploring how AI can significantly streamline your email marketing efforts. Continue to scroll down below to learn more about how you can do it effectively.

What is AI in Email Marketing?


Artificial intelligence describes many different types of smart technologies, such as machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and more. While each of these technologies has its unique features, they all share the common goal of enabling machines to perform cognitive tasks as well as or better than humans.

So, what is AI in email marketing? AI-based email marketing is a type of machine learning where a set of strategies and algorithms enable programs to analyze hundreds or thousands of email accounts. This, in turn, helps marketers create better and more customized content for their subscribers.

AI can help you do the following:

  1. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can identify the pertinent information to focus on while disregarding irrelevant data.
  2. When responding to a question or providing recommendations, you can compare the most influential attributes against other gathered data to make informed decisions.
  3. Using AI experimentation and extracted data, you can adjust and examine data for programming and reprogramming purposes.

Furthermore, AI can help email teams comprehend deep insights, including but not limited to:

  • Which subject lines deliver superior performance
  • What times do recipients are likely to open emails
  • What is the ideal frequency for sending emails
  • When is the best time to send an abandoned cart email
  • Which new segments to incorporate into your email list
  • How recipients engage with your emails
  • How to personalize future content to enhance subscriber engagement

AI algorithms use these insights to formulate predictions, suggestions, and decisions that enable unparalleled personalization and segmentation throughout the customer journey.

In essence, AI can assist your email marketers in determining the appropriate type of email, the target audience, the timing, and the frequency.

Benefits of AI in Email Marketing


Increase revenue

AI-powered tools for email marketing can assist in crafting superior emails, thereby augmenting open and click rates. This, in turn, offers you results with greater returns from email campaigns and boosts the efficacy of time invested in such efforts.

Decrease costs

AI-driven email tools facilitate the creation of successful campaigns more efficiently and effectively. This significantly reduces the duration your team requires to generate materials for email marketing initiatives.

Offers personalization

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers personalization that goes beyond adding someone’s first name to an email. It gathers information about your customers, including their engagement patterns, preferences, past behaviors, and routines. This data is analyzed to identify the most suitable product recommendations, discounts, or freebies for each recipient on your email list, based on their characteristics and interests. This way, AI can retarget potential customers through email if they abandon their cart before checkout.

Provides more efficiency

Although people can perform virtually any task required of an email marketing AI, it often involves a significant amount of time and money. By utilizing email automation and AI optimizations, your email marketing team can focus on resolving larger-scale issues and devising comprehensive solutions rather than wasting time selecting send times or sifting through product recommendations.

Optimizes your email programs

AI can optimize your email program in several ways, such as modifying the send time to align better with customer behavior, suggesting a different subject line that is more likely to result in higher open rates, or segmenting your audience to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Offers automation

We understand that you may not always be available at your computer when a customer requires assistance or when someone subscribes to your email list.

But with AI-driven email automation, you can deliver appropriate content to the intended recipient at the appropriate moment. This includes utilizing pre-existing written content, promotions, links, and excerpts from blog posts to captivate your audience.

Predicts the future

You can also use AI to facilitate the process in predictive analytics. This enables you to examine data and make informed predictions, which you can leverage to develop more precise marketing strategies that yield a more significant impact on the overall revenue.

Enhances accuracy

AI solutions can swiftly analyze vast amounts of data with heightened accuracy, empowering you to gain deeper insights into your target audience. By leveraging this information, you can make more informed choices regarding which marketing strategies to pursue.

8 Ways to Use AI in Email Marketing


Here are eight methods for incorporating AI into your email marketing strategy.

  1. Crafting email copy and subject lines
  2. Customizing email content
  3. Reorganizing email campaigns
  4. Refining email lists
  5. Generating smart newsletters
  6. Understanding customer lifecycles
  7. Tailoring email retargeting
  8. Making product suggestions

Crafting email copy and subject lines

There are two technologies that drive AI subject line generators. These are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

NLP (Natural Language Processing) refers to the process of a machine interpreting text and converting it into machine-readable and comprehendible code. Conversely, when a machine utilizes that code to create its own text, it is known as NLG (Natural Language Generation). NLP can be thought of as the reader, while NLG is the writer.

Customizing email content

For businesses that cater to a large number of customers or clients, AI-powered email marketing is an advantageous solution. This technology can help you rapidly produce customized emails based on the specific topics that you want in no time. It can generate text that effectively connects your business with various audiences, segments, or individuals.

Tailoring email retargeting

AI can provide tailored email content suggestions to each individual, resulting in improved engagement and conversion rates. You can use AI to optimize your email retargeting strategy. AI helps identify the right customers, sending them personalized emails that resonate with their interests.

Some customers may make a purchase immediately after receiving your email, but others may need more time. In this case, AI can help by sending follow-up emails at the most effective times.

Generating smart newsletters

AI technology exists to make the whole process of creating newsletters a lot smarter and more effective. Many AI platforms focus entirely on producing highly personalized, smart newsletters. These automated emails contain tailored content specific to each recipient, resulting in significantly improved subscriber engagement. This level of personalization was previously unattainable with conventional automation tools, but today, you can achieve it easily.

Reorganizing email campaigns

By utilizing AI-driven tools, you can break down email marketing campaigns into hundreds of sub-campaigns and then arrange and distribute them to optimize inbox delivery by dispatching more personalized emails.

For instance, you can use AI to schedule cart abandonment emails at designated intervals, frequencies or in response to certain triggers.

Refining email lists

Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms guarantee that your email lists remain healthy and free from reporting by email service providers (ESPs). AI can clean your email database by automatically eliminating outdated contacts and updating job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information, ultimately boosting email deliverability.

Understanding customer lifecycles

You can use AI to analyze customer needs and characteristics to attract potential clients. Use AI to engage with potential customers in a way that improves response rates. You can also utilize AI to re-engage with existing clients during the retention stage. Doing so will help establish a long-term relationship with customers, which guarantees brand loyalty.

Making product recommendations

AI technology can analyze your live metrics and email performance, generating suggestions and practical insights that can be put into action.

AI can also help you monitor on-site behavior and send tailored product recommendations via email, leveraging actual product and site data to personalize the suggestions. These individualized recommendations can be dynamically included in emails in real-time.


Regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced email marketer, incorporating artificial intelligence into email marketing can be a valuable investment for your business. It’s a tool that can help you yield better returns on investment and optimal resource utilization. Artificial intelligence can enhance your outcomes in numerous ways.

By integrating AI with conventional best practices such as segmentation, personalization, and targeting, you can generate highly effective email campaigns that produce tangible results. Therefore, you should start incorporating AI and machine learning into your email marketing strategies right now.

But remember, AI will not be here to replace marketers or developers. Rather, it is here to simplify your operations and facilitate the analysis and utilization of vast amounts of data in real-time. AI technology is a valuable investment in achieving substantial growth for many years to come.

Want to learn more about the importance and benefits of AI in email marketing? Feel free to get in touch with us. Speak with us today!



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