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Optimizing Your Abandoned Cart Email Template

Having a tough time choosing the ideal template for your cart recovery campaign? It’s time to go over the most important components of a winning abandoned cart email template.

Did you know that abandoned cart emails have an average 45% open rate? This is even more impressive if you know the fact that the global eCommerce sector has only a 15% open rate. Subject Lines decides the open rate of an email campaign. Over 80% of successful abandoned cart subject lines are generic, yet crisp and attractive. You can implement the FOMO effect, mention offers, even add emojis to your email subject line.

Remind the Customer What They’ve Left Behind. Your cart abandonment email template’s major purpose is to present the products in the visitor’s cart. Ideally, the items should be visible before he or she has to scroll down, and also, it should perfectly resemble the actual cart—including colors, sizing, and any other variations. Use both text and visuals to represent the abandoned products.

Email Copy directly affects your abandoned cart email’s click-through rate. From the conversion perspective, this is the single most important element of a cart recovery email. A good email copy will convince the visitor—give them a good reason to resume the purchase. There are different strategies to bring back lost customers. You can incorporate the FOMO effect or use social proof. However, it doesn’t matter what you do, an email copy should always reinforce the message from the email subject line.

Why Do I Need CTAs in My Email Template? Well, study shows that Emails with call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%. In the simplest terms, a CTA is what encourages readers to take a specific action and directs them to a destination that you want. The CTA of your abandoned cart email should explicitly state how to return to the abandoned cart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping cart abandonment is when shoppers add items to their virtual cart but abandon the process during checkout without completing the purchase.

The global average shopping cart abandonment is at a whopping rate of75.6%. This rate varies across countries, industries, and devices.

Calculate the shopping cart abandonment rate by dividing the completed purchases by the total number of carts abandoned. Now, subtract this value from 1 and then multiply it with 100.

Shopping cart abandonment rate is found to be highest around 8-9 PM.

According to Forrester research, brands can lose up to $18 billion a year in revenue costing retailers quite a lot of money.

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up email sent to shoppers who have added items to their virtual carts but have exited without completing the purchase.

Abandoned cart emails work well. You can pair your existing abandoned cart email program with an on-site pop-up to save abandoned carts even before they happen.

Abandoned cart emails are very effective. Almost 50% of all abandoned cart emails are opened and 33.33% of clicks lead to purchases back on site.

Your first email should be sent within 60 minutes of the cart abandonment.

Based on the data, a campaign of three emails works the best to recover abandoned carts.

Yes. Abandoned cart emails are permitted under new GDPR regulations.