Trusted by 4,240+ Businesses Worldwide

Trusted by 4,240+ Businesses Worldwide

Do the following problems look familiar to you?

Low Brand Visibility

Low Conversion Rates

High Cart Abandonment Rate

Low Customer Retention Rates

High spam Complaints

Low Customer Acquisition

What If one product can solve all of these problems and more?!

BayEngage: Your Ecommerce Email Marketing Solution!

Take Brand Awareness to A New Height!

BayEngage helps Ecommerce businesses to target customers in a place they visit every day – their inbox!

Unlike most Ecommerce email marketing software, BayEngage is cost-effective: you will have to pay only for the number of active subscribers you have! This will allow you to send as many emails to your subscribers to increase brand awareness!

You can also be consistent with your emails by using BayEngage’s email automation.







Get Higher Conversion Rates

BayEngage is proud of its higher email responsiveness. We have over 300+ email templates that are highly customizable and mobile responsive. Mobile responsiveness makes customer experience seamless and therefore, higher conversion rates.

With BayEngage’s powerful segmentation, you can send highly personalized emails that your subscribers will love receiving. When the right email reaches the right target audience, anyone can achieve higher conversion rates!

BayEngage’s intuitive A/B testing is your solution to achieve high open and conversion rates. A/B test every element of your email from subject line to CTAs and keep increasing your conversions.

No Fear of Cart Abandonment

The right Ecommerce email marketing software with the best email automation is your answer to tackle cart abandonment rate. And BayEngage has an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to just sit back, relax even if you are new to Ecommerce email marketing.

BayEngage also has a collection of Ecommerce pop-ups that can be triggered when a potential customer abandons their cart without completing the purchase. This will bring them right back into the sales cycle.

With BayEngage’s coupon creator, you can add coupons to your abandoned cart email to lure them with exciting offers.

Build Customer Retention and Loyalty

When it comes to customer retention, email marketing is the most effective way. And Ecommerce email marketing software like BayEngage will give you real-time reports on your active subscribers: open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, spam rates, and many more. These numbers will help you to recapture the interest of your inactive subscribers.

BayEngage has various collections of prebuilt welcome email templates and promotional email templates to keep your audience interested in your brand.

BayEngage will allow you to personalize emails as much as you can! You will get to have a one-on-one conversation with your subscribers by sending highly personalized emails and get your customer retention to increase by many folds.

Avoid Spam Complaints Altogether

Spam complaints are a headache to any Ecommerce email marketer. But with BayEngage’s higher deliverability rate, you can almost always save your emails from ending in the spam folder.

In addition, BayEngage gives precise data on spam complaints which you can use it to understand the mistakes in your email campaigns and keep making your Ecommerce email marketing strategies better every day!

BayEngage also gives you options to preview your emails before sending them. Using this feature, you can check whether the emails look credible and don’t have anything that looks spammy.

Customer Testimonials

Great team! Very attentive and willing to assist us to achieve our marketing goals.BayEngage App works greatand is user friendly. Highly recommended.

- The Little Bra Company®

The best! We have had tremendous success using BayEngage. It is a veryrobust platform that continues to grow with us.

- Good State

The options areendless. Extremely user friendly. Vast array of FREEstock photos and BayEngage has free filters and tons of editing tools for images.

- Omg Miami Swimwear

Maximize Customer Acquisition

BayEngage, with its sign-up forms, makes it easy for you to build an email list whenever someone visits your Ecommerce site. And once they become your subscriber, you can send promotional emails that will inevitably make them your new customer!

BayEngage’s intuitive drag and drop editor will make things easy for you to send monthly email newsletters. Email newsletters that are attractive and have a strong brand voice will always win new customers through dynamic content. And BayEngage gives you that!

BayEngage as an Ecommerce email marketing software will help you understand your subscribers based on their online behaviors, interests, demographics, and other segments. This will definitely help you send highly targeted emails that will always pull in new customers.


Ecommerce companies use email marketing to send targeted messages to their customers. Email marketing also allows Ecommerce businesses to track the success of their campaigns, and it’s a great way to measure the return on investment for your marketing efforts.
Ecommerce email marketing is the process of sending targeted emails to customers who have made purchases on your eCommerce website. The purpose of Ecommerce email marketing is to encourage customers to make additional purchases, or to return to your website in order to make a purchase.
There are a few things that make a good Ecommerce email: A clear and concise subject line, easy-to-read body copy, images that support the copy, and a clear call to action (CTA) that tells the reader what they need to do to take advantage of the offer.
Types of emails for Ecommerce email marketing: Welcome email, abandonment email, order confirmation emails, review request email, promotional email, product updates email, post-purchase email, back-in-stock email, and feedback email.
Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for Ecommerce businesses. It’s a great way to stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on new products, sales, and other promotions. It also helps to build loyalty and trust with customers.

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