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Sail Through Your Email Marketing Journey Without Any Hiccups

Set up Automation In A Breeze

Automate routine emails with powerful workflows.
There are several automation recipes that can help you set your campaigns on autopilot

Kickstart Automation

Click on “Create automation” and then choose a recipe. You can pick abandoned cart recipes, post-purchase, and customer win-back recipes.

Create a Workflow

Drag and drop “Delay” and set up the activity and user filters based on your goals.

Monitor Your Metrics

Customize your emails and set your recipe active! You can also view the report to track and monitor the performance.

Start Send Your Email Campaigns

Need An Expert’s

12 Automated Emails in One Platform Start Sending Emails in 5 Mins

Abandoned Cart Emails

80% of your customers abandoned their carts. Our automated abandoned cart solution can recover up to 55% of abandoned carts.

Welcome Emails

Create a great first impression with your customers. Our integrated pop-up solution helps you collect the email and you can send a personalized welcome email.

Post-Purchase Emails

Increase your average order value by sending them post-purchase emails. These emails can be used to send complimentary product recommendations to your customers.

Reorder Emails

If you sell perishable goods, then reorder emails are the best way to get customers to keep coming back for more.

Win-Back Emails

Use these automated emails to bring your customers back for repeat purchases.

Birthday Emails

Surprise your customers with personalized messages and offers. Our clients see a lot of success with this automated email.

Price Drop Emails

Reach out to your customers who expressed interest in your products about the drop in product prices.

Anniversary Emails

Reward your customers with a coupon using anniversary emails.

Customer Loyalty Emails

Reward your loyal customers by sending them reward points that they can use to place orders.

Inbox capabilities

TargetBay’s proprietary algorithm helps in delivering brand emails to the customers’ primary inbox, resulting in higher open rates and better conversions.

Back In Stock Emails

Let customers know that their favorite products are back in stock. This improves your email open rate and drives customers back to your website.

Out of Stock

Build an email list of customers who are interested in out of stock products. When these products come back into stock, these interested customers will be automatically notified.

What’s The Recipe To Automation Success?

Understand user behavior

Trigger automation at the right time

Nurture your audience

Set Your Emails On Autopilot
Recover up to 64% of abandoned carts with BayEngage’s automation recipe

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