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Social Integration

Build customer trust for better conversions. Showcase product reviews on social media to boost customer engagement.

Worried That Your Social Followers are Not Converting to Loyal Customers?

Fret not! TargetBay’s social integration can help

Social media is the best platform to create brand awareness, drive potential leads to your website, and to improve conversions. As eCommerce store owners, we invest a fortune on running social media ads to reach and influence our potential customers.

TargetBay’s social integration improves your chances of getting noticed by your potential customers. By embedding customer reviews into your social media business page, you can boost user trust and ultimately—the ROI.

Fact: TargetBay social ads can drive 48% more traffic to your eCommerce Store.

Leverage Customer Reviews to Enhance Your Social Presence

Get the social trust your brand deserves

Showcase Reviews On Social Media

It’s obvious that any social media user will engage with a brand that lacks trust signals—especially the brands that are new. Users are hesitant to engage with new players because of the risk involved in online transactions. By leveraging the customer reviews, you can showcase your authenticity and build the social trust needed to improve brand reputation.

Grow Your Social Media ROI

Importing customer reviews and integrating them into your Facebook ads is the best way to raise the potential of your ads. Showcase product rating in social advertisements to make social media your best-performing marketing medium that generates the highest return on investment.

Social Pushes

Share customer reviews on social media platforms with just a push of a button. User Generated Content share your story of success to the world of consumers. Let your customers be your brand ambassadors. Build your brand with genuine user testimonials, thus improve trust and conversions.

"Great interface and easy to use with automated time-saving
emails. More than just a review platform. We compared the
features to several competitors like Yotpo, Springbot, and others
and found that Targetbay has better features and prices."

Mark McNatt

Divers Supply