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Google Rich Snippets

Transform your search engine listing with TargetBay’s Reviews-Powered Rich Snippets.

What Are Google Rich Snippets?

Every result that appears on the Google search results page is referred to as a Snippet. A regular snippet has a title followed by the corresponding URL and a description.

A rich snippet on the other hand, has additional information that makes a search result much more useful to the viewer, even at first glance. Here’s an example of a Google rich snippet.

It Contains The Title, URL, Star Ratings And The Number Of Votes, Then The Description.

These extra details draw the shoppers’ attention towards the brand. Consequently, regardless of its position in search engine listings, rich snippets enjoy a high click-through-rate owing to their visual appeal. Rich snippets gradually increase the organic traffic to your website and also improve its ranking.

TargetBay adds ratings & reviews to your Ecommerce store’s Google Search Listing to create Rich Snippets.

Impact Of Google Rich Snippets On SEO

When the CTR of a snippet grows, your website begins to draw more traffic from that search result. As more visitors begin to click on the Rich Snippet Products, Google recognizes the increased and consistent interest in your product and rewards your brand by pushing the page to the top of the SERPs. In other words, rich snippets are instrumental in making Google rank your brand higher.

Google Rich Snippets optimize your product page for better search engine ranking

How Can You Add Rich Snippets?

This requires some technical know-how. When code is written in a particular format (structured data) that search engines can read and understand, they can create rich snippets.

But you don’t have to worry about any of it because TargetBay will do it for you.