TargetBay Adroll Integration

Let’s make your retargeting ads more fun 🙂

Our AdRoll integration is part of our complete 360-degree retargeting solution. We use AdRoll for our web retargeting. This seamless integration means that you can manage your retargeting campaigns from inside the TargetBay backend. We use our proprietary content engine that uses product reviews, coupons and product recommendations in the retargeting ads.

  • Product Reviews
  • Coupons in Retargeting Ads
  • Product Recommendations

How Does It Work

TargetBay app on your website will drop a cookie on the browser of users who are visiting your website. We use these cookies to retarget your customers as they browse other websites

Shopper sees the products and leavesShopper sees the products and leaves.

Starts retargeting adsTargetBay will drop a cookie on the Shopper’s browser and starts retargeting ads.

Shopper will see targeted adsThe shopper will see targeted ads with product images and CTA. These ads will be displayed on Facebook and other websites where Shopper is visiting.

Shopper clicks on the adThe shopper clicks on the ad and lands on the product page.

Custom Audiences

Our clients can create custom audiences using TargetBay’s segmentation capabilities. Users are grouped into three segments:


  • Browse Abandonment
  • Cart Abandonment
  • After Purchase Upsell

TargetBay’s Static Ad Vs Dynamic Ad

Static Ad

Dynamic Ad

The shopper will see the banner ads of a specific brand with CTA. The shopper will see the product images of a specific product with CTA.
Takes the shopper to the home page or landing page of a campaign. Takes the shopper to a specific product page.
Site reviews can be displayed with the banner ad. Product reviews can be displayed with the banner ad.


Dynamic ads can achieve up to 4x the results when compared with static ads

Normal Ad Vs TargetBay Retargeting Ad

Normal Retargeting Ad

Normal Retargeting Ad

TargetBay Retargeting Ad

TargetBay Retargeting Ad


increase in click-through rate

Coupons in Retargeting Ads

Our platform can automatically include a dynamic (one-time use) coupon code in retargeting ads.

Normal Retargeting AdNormal Retargeting Ad

TargetBay Retargeting Ad

TargetBay Retargeting Ad


increase in sales

Product Recommendations in Retargeting Ads

If a user buys a product, we can retarget that user with product recommendations to upsell that user.

Normal Retargeting AdNormal Retargeting Ad

TargetBay Retargeting Ad

TargetBay Retargeting Ad


increase in click-through rate

Full Service for Managing your Retargeting Ads

We have retargeting experts who will design your ads and set up the campaigns. Our team will manage your web retargeting ads. Our team will meet with you once a month to discuss the best practices and to continuously refresh the ad designs. We will also send the weekly reports for your retargeting ad campaigns.

Ads and banners creation

Ads and banners created by our design team

Set up the campaigns

Set up the campaigns

Review and improvement to retargeting

Continuous review and improvement to retargeting campaigns

Budget and bid management

Budget and bid management

Monthly reports

Our team will send the monthly reports

Great interface and easy to use with automated time-saving emails. More than just a review platform. We compared the features to several competitors like Yotpo, Springbot, and others and found that Targetbay has better features and prices.

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Divers Supply
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