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Email Personalization

The Only Tool You Need To Personalize Customer’s shopping Experience

Personalize And Automate Customer Emails

Build eCommerce customer loyalty and engagement with email personalization. Our intuitive do it yourself mailer lets you build campaigns that are tailor-made for each and every shopper in your database. Targetbay even lets you segment and email customers based on their shopping behavior.

Segment Customers
Segment Customers

Identify customer’s shopping pattern to frame target personas. Shoot out emails to bring back dormant customers as well as customers who leave behind the products in their carts. TargetBay starts recording customers shopping behavior from the moment they land on your eCommerce store. Make use of this data to plan strategic mailer campaigns that convert.

Create Targeted Mailers

Create messages that target these persona for maximum conversions. Stop spamming your customers with irrelevant content. Start targeting the right set of eCommerce customers with personalized emails that optimize conversions. It’s time for you to have the segmentation and analytics needed to run profitable marketing campaigns.

Create Targeted Mailers
Schedule Emails
Schedule Automated Emails

Automate emails to manage multiple email campaigns. This helps you get customers back to the website for improved conversions and engagement. By scheduling timely emails as well as setting triggers, you can get maximum email open rates as well as engagement needed to get the customers to take action on the website.

Witness Results

Monitor your campaign and the revenue it generates. Our intuitive graph provides a visual treat in understanding the performance of each campaign. Monitor campaign performance and optimize each campaign to improve ROI and conversions.

Witness Results
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