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Free WooCommerce Order Confirmation Email Templates

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Engage With Your Customers With Outstanding Order Confirmation Email Campaign Templates

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Let Your Customers Know That You Received Their Order And Then It Is Being Processed. It’s Critical To Build That Trust!

A Lot Of Customers Will Also Be Curious To Know If Their Payment Got Through Successfully, So Tell Them That You’ve Received Their Payment.

Order Tracking Is Important, So Include Product Quantity And Delivery Tracking Information In Your Order Confirmation Emails.

Things To Consider Before You Plan For Order Confirmation Emails

Improve Your WooCommerce Store’s Branding And Impress Your New Customers With Creative Order Confirmation Emails

Don’t Forget To Recommend Related Products To Up-Sell And Cross-Sell.

Provide Email Or Phone Support To Address Any Of Your Shoppers’ Concerns.

Offer Your Customers To Buy Your Products And Make It Time-Sensitive - Promos, Discounts, Or Special Offers Would Help

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Seamless WooCommerce Order Confirmation Email Campaigns

BayEngage is built for ecommerce email campaigns. Use our plug-and-play order confirmation email templates to actively engage with your customers. It’s also easy to automate your email marketing with 12 different emails such as welcome emailsback-in-stock emailsreorder emails, etc.

Free HTML Email Templates For WooCommerce

BayEngage’s email templates are also mobile-optimized that provide more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers. Get both HTML code plus the design for FREE!

Simplified WooCommerce Email Marketing

Organize your best sellers to top discounted products. A simple, but a well-executed email to make your email marketing more effective. It’s easy to automate your entire email marketing with BayEngage.

Effective Brand Building

With BayEngage you can build your brand with confidence. What’s more important than your own brand’s promotion? Use GIFs, carousels or even videos to make your email stand out!

Smart Pop-Ups To Capture Your Store’s Visitor Emails

Capture your shoppers’ email addresses using BayEngage’s intuitive pop-ups. Exit-intent pop-ups would work well for your out-of-stock pages.

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WooCommerce order confirmation FAQs

Here are some other frequently asked questions related to WooCommerce order confirmation emails

The WooCommerce Ecommerce merchant sends an order confirmation email once a customer completes a transaction with their Ecommerce store.

You can include a discount code to promote repeat purchases, incentives, and prompts for your WooCommerce order confirmation emails.

Yes, BayEngage offers 11 free WooCommerce order confirmation email templates.

Use BayEngage’s responsive WooCommerce order confirmation email templates to make your order confirmation emails mobile-friendly.

Order confirmation emails help with better open rates, click-throughs, viewing time, and revenue.

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