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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are supported by TargetBay?

Currently we support Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Big Commerce and other custom eCommerce platforms. We will soon be adding other platforms to connect better with all eCommerce stores.

Do I have to pay for on-boarding?

Nope! On-boarding is completely free for TargetBay. We will also initially provide free support for the first 3 days to help you understand the product and its features better.

I am confused if TargetBay is a right fit. Can I talk to someone?

You can reach out to us by mailing to contactus@targetbay.com . One of our team member will reach out to you in 24 hours to help you understand if TargetBay is your best fit.

Do I need to pay one year fee up front?

Nope! You need to make up-front payments every month and enjoy accessing TargetBay. For any reason you feel TargetBay is not your best fit, you will be able to walk out anytime.

Can I customize the personalization widget?

Yes, you can design the recommendation widget to match your website colors. Just design the widget in the TargetBay dashboard and create a unique code which can be easily added to your website.

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