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How Will You Benefit from BayEngage?

Send Powerful Email Campaigns to Increase Engagement

Connect your Miva store to BayEngage and unlock results-driven email marketing campaigns, autoresponder, and SMS marketing engagement. Enable in-store purchases, and collect and use customer information in a seamless way. Increase customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue!

Generate Higher ROI

On Miva, you can achieve big ROI by bringing email marketing and sales together. Use BayEngage to automate your email marketing campaigns and double your ROI. This tool is used by over 5000 businesses in Ecommerce platforms like Miva to increase engagement, loyalty, and access to personalized content.

Connect And Convert

Email marketing is about to get even more powerful. BayEngage’s new email marketing features make it easy to convert your visitors into customers.

Recover 64% of Abandoned Carts

BayEngage’s abandoned cart recovery email campaigns make it easy to recover those lost sales with a personalized message. You can now automate how you recover lost sales by leveraging the abandoned cart email automation series.

Achieve Long-Term Growth

Email marketing is easy, scalable, and effective when you use BayEngage. Send highly targeted product recommendations based on your customers’ previous purchases and website activity and get the customer Life Time Value that you need!

Send Targeted Emails

BayEngage’s email marketing lists management and segmentation will help you provide an exceptional customer experience that changes based on their activity. It will allow you to lower your spam complaints and improve your open rates!

Access Accurate Data

Real-time email marketing data analytics will show you your subscriber’s interactions and growth over time, including total revenue, your email campaigns’ open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and spam complaints.

Automate Everything

Set up automated emails for all events, like birthday and anniversary reminders, referrals, requesting feedback, or a product update. It’s quick and easy. Our email automation is powered by thoughtful customer journey mapping.

List of Companies that Trust BayEngage

Reviews from Platforms like Miva

Great team! Very attentive and willing to assist us to achieve our marketing goals.BayEngage App works greatand is user friendly. Highly recommended.

- The Little Bra Company®

The best! We have had tremendous success using BayEngage. It is a veryrobust platform that continues to grow with us.

- Good State

The options areendless. Extremely user friendly. Vast array of FREEstock photos and BayEngage has free filters and tons of editing tools for images.

- Omg Miami Swimwear

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