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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TargetBay integrate with the 3dcart platform?

Yes, TargetBays offers seamless integration with the 3dCart platform.

What is an abandoned cart on 3dcart?

An abandoned cart on 3dcart is an online shopping cart where a potential customer adds items but exits the process without completing the purchase.

What is 3dcart’s Abandoned Cart Saver?

3dcart's Abandoned Cart Saver allows you to create and manage email campaigns that will be sent to shoppers with uncompleted orders to motivate them to complete their purchases.

How can you recover abandoned carts on your 3dcart site?

You can recover abandoned carts on your 3dcart site by implementing exit intent pop-ups, remarketing, retargeting, improving cart visibility, diversifying payment options, etc.

Can I send abandoned cart emails for my 3dcart shoppers?

Yes, you can send automated abandonment cart emails using TargetBay’s Bayenage to motivate your 3dcart shoppers to complete their purchase.