Email Marketing For Shift4Shop

Easily create, send, and analyze your shift4shop email marketing campaigns. TargetBay’s email Campaigns offer a unique way for you to grow and communicate with your audience while staying true to your brand and design.

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Drive More Revenue With Trigger-Based Campaigns

Triggered email campaigns can help you to reach potential customers at opportune times with relevant content.

Shift4Shop Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are a crucial part of your email marketing. When someone subscribes/signs up for your email marketing, it’s an opportunity to make a great first impression. Moreover, welcome emails have on average 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate than of a standard email marketing campaign. Setting an automated email workflow is with our shift4shop plugin is simple. As soon as a subscription happens, the triggered Shift4Shop welcome email marketing campaign is put in motion and sends the scheduled emails to the new subscribers.

Shift4Shop Back-In-Stock Emails

Back in stock campaigns are popularly considered as a revenue lever and is a great way to engage your subscribers with products they might be interested in. When a product is out of stock in your online store, there’s a good chance customers will go elsewhere to find it. This is because of why back-in-stock triggers are highly relevant today. Shift4Shop Back in stock emails are exceptionally effective, studies have shown over 35% improvement in open and read rates, 25% in click-throughs and conversions when sending a back-in-stock email sequence. As soon as someone fills out a back-in-stock form on your site, they will be opted-in and sent along to the BayEngage list.

Shift4Shop Win-Back Emails

The ultimate goal of a Shift4Shop win-back email campaign is to bring back lapsed customers. When you notice subscribers aren’t engaging as they used to before, you should aim to create content that brings them back as early as possible. The best way to regain lapsed customers is to show you care, and this can be done by sending a series of personalized emails. These messages will help keep your business and products on top of customers’ minds and drive people back to your website. By employing TargetBay’s Shift4Shop email marketing for ecommerce, you can send a series of targeted and personalized emails sent to lapsed customers to get them to interact with your business.

Shift4Shop Abandoned Cart Emails

Want to recover lost revenue from abandoning shoppers? Sending out the abandoned cart email sequence is how top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc do it. Abandoned cart emails, also known as cart abandonment series or shopping cart abandonments, are automated reminders sent to individuals who have not completed a purchase transaction. With Shift4Shop plugin, you can trigger automation when a cart is abandoned, schedule when each Shift4Shop Abandoned cart email goes out, and start re-engaging your almost-gone customers automatically.

Shift4Shop Replenishment Emails

What makes a customer the most valuable asset is that he/she has the potential to be a continuous resource. By applying proper attention to detail, addressing their pain points regularly, most importantly by building connections and nurturing relationships, retailers can form loyal customer databases. Replenishable emails are one such tactic that helps you strengthen your relationship with your most valuable customers. Replenishable items are a powerful driver for repeat business. Replenishment products paired with effective email marketing campaigns drive customer loyalty, retention, and consistent revenue

Shift4Shop Price-Drop Emails

Fret not! Price drop emails are not about going too far. It’s a smart gesture to inform shoppers of discounts to their favorite products outside of a formal sale. With triggered Shift4Shop email, you will be able to let everyone who has shown interest in your products know that it just got cheaper. The best thing about this kind of marketing is that you can entice customers to follow through with a purchase by sending an email.

In addition to the above, custom email templates can be created for scenarios as per brand requirements.

Create, Manage And Execute Multiple Email Campaigns
Seamlessly integrate and execute email marketing campaigns that drive better engagement and conversions—through effective communication.


With a bit of planning and the right tools, you can create really effective newsletters and email campaigns that have a very positive impact on your business. Many still think that sending e-newsletters means compiling a list of email addresses, then copying and pasting them into the BCC field of a boring Outlook message. Well, that’s not the way to go about things. It is a much better idea to depend on a dedicated e-marketing tool like BayEngage for sending your e-newsletter. It allows you to import the database that you created at the outset of this process, make use of a range of attractive newsletter templates, send out proper HTML e-newsletters that stand the greatest chance of being delivered

Drip email campaigns

In a nutshell, drip marketing is all about giving people the right information at the right time. The primary objective of these types of emails is to send highly relevant emails that encourage recipients to commit to your call to action. Of course, you will need a marketing automation tool like BayEngage to help you create your drip campaign and schedule when the emails will be automatically sent to the subscribers.

Promotional & Seasonal Campaigns

The idea behind promotional marketing strategies is to attract attention to your business at an opportune time and increase revenue in an otherwise quiet period. These seasons are critical to revenue because they depict a time when a substantial amount of your sales takes place. Additionally, increasing interest at unique times of the year boosts your chances of converting one-time customers into loyal patrons.

Shift4Shop Email Marketing Made Easy With TargetBay.