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How USA's leading baseball bat retailer generates $54,094 through BayEngage's email automation

Pro Rollers provides professional heated bat rolling and glove steaming services to baseball and softball players across the nation.


About ProRollers


ProRollers is the leader in bat rolling and glove conditioning and USA's leading baseball bats retailer.

ProRollers knows that when it comes to getting gear game ready, the same break in level may not be right for everyone. Some people use their bats in leagues and games where there are bat restrictions or they compression test. This is why they offer 2 different levels of bat break in, Standard and ProMax variants. Compression testers are devices designed to test the current break in status of the barrel of the bat.

Being a consumer brand, the company would position the brand in front of consumers all the time. ProRollers offers pretty much everything related to baseball:

  • “Game ready” and heat rolled baseball bats
  • Baseball gloves
  • Glove conditioning
  • Rolling machines


The Problem

ProRollers has been in the baseball retailing and glove conditioning business for more than 15 years, they were facing challenges to set up their entire store online and wanted to automate their email marketing. So, they started using BayEngage to save time on entire email marketing efforts.


  • Establish eCommerce email marketing and grow its email subscriber base

  • Automate their entire email marketing efforts

  • Recover abandoned carts through automated drip email campaigns

  • Generate revenue from email marketing on a consistent basis and increase email marketing ROI


The Solution

Probably one of the best known solutions in eCommerce email marketing is that it can support a lot of automation triggers for an online store.

The biggest USP that ProRollers has is its ability to offer everything related to baseball! To supplement post-purchase experience, the company also provides ProMax - includes all the services to push the bat to the upper levels of performance past the passing specs on the appropriate gauge.


Engage has been able to increase sales significantly by using the following methodology,


Running an online store and sending automated emails was hard without a solid email subscriber base. We had a pressing need to build and increase email marketing ROI. We had to face a lot of challenges with respect to email automation and pop-ups before we discovered BayEngage. Now, I am happy to say we have a strong email subscriber base and our email activities are automated based on triggers. A big thanks to the BayEngage team!

Adam Brown

CEO, ProRollers