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TargetBay Boosts LazyOne's Walmart Sales by 64% in the First 30 Days

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LazyOne, a family-owned business in Logan, UT, switched to TargetBay’s BayEngage and BayReviews in September 2022 to automate their Walmart review syndication process and manage marketing needs. TargetBay helped increase Walmart sales by 64% in the first 30 days.


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LazyOne, after using Klaviyo and Yotpo for over four years, switched to TargetBay s BayEngage and BayReviews in September 2022 for all in one email, SMS, and review marketing needs, automating its Walmart review syndication process.


Despite their strong product line, LazyOne faced several challenges:

Limited Online Reviews: This made it difficult for potential customers to trust the brand.


Lack of Visual Reviews: They needed more reviews with pictures to enhance the shopping experience.


Non-Indexed Reviews on Google: Existing reviews were not indexed, affecting search ranking and traffic.


Inefficient Review Syndication: Manually pushing reviews to Walmart was time-consuming and inefficient.


LazyOne aimed to:

Collect more site and product reviews


Encourage customers to include pictures with their reviews


Showcase positive reviews prominently on their website


Syndicate reviews on Google for better search results


Syndicate reviews to Walmart to expand reach and sales


Find a cost-effective solution to manage their marketing activities


LazyOne partnered with TargetBay to address these challenges and achieve their goals. TargetBay implemented the following solutions:

Automated Review Requests: TargetBay's email marketing platform sent automated review requests to customers, encouraging them to include pictures with their reviews to create visual UGC (User-Generated Content).


Review Syndication: TargetBay’s team mapped reviews with identifiers required by Walmart for syndication, automating the review feed process.


Google Indexing: A multi-step approach was implemented to get LazyOne's reviews indexed on Google. This involved mapping reviews with required identifiers and ensuring compliance with Google’s guidelines.


Seamless Migration: A dedicated account manager from TargetBay guided LazyOne through a seamless migration process, transferring a large volume of reviews, email subscribers, flows, templates, segmentations, and forms from Klaviyo and Yotpo.


TargetBay’s strategy included:

Multi-Step Google Indexing: Ensuring reviews were mapped correctly and indexed on Google, leading to improved SEO and organic traffic.

Automated Review Syndication: Streamlining the process to push reviews to Walmart, enhancing LazyOne’s presence in the marketplace.

Visual UGC Collection: Encouraging customers to submit reviews with pictures, increasing the authenticity and appeal of reviews.


In just 60 days, LazyOne achieved remarkable results:

64% Increase in Walmart Sales: Within the first 30 days, Walmart sales surged.


17.8% Increase in Visual Assets: Within the campaign’s first three months.


Over 3,400 Reviews Indexed on Google: Significantly enhancing SEO and driving organic traffic.


600 Product Reviews Collected in Six Months: Boosting customer trust and engagement.


$65,000 in Sales from 542 Orders: Directly attributed to customer reviews.


820 New Customer Reviews in Six Months: Surpassing their review collection targets.


The partnership between LazyOne and TargetBay significantly increased customer trust and online presence. In six months, LazyOne surpassed its target with 820 reviews and saw a substantial rise in organic traffic, resulting in enhanced customer experience and substantial sales growth.

The smooth migration of reviews, email subscribers, and other critical elements from Klaviyo and Yotpo to TargetBay ensured a seamless transition and effective implementation of their marketing strategies.