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6 Best Valentine’s Day Email Ideas for Designing The Perfect Email Template


When you think of February, it always comes down to Valentine’s Day!! Love is in the air. I know it’s still January but it is never too early to start your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign. It gives plenty of time for your customers to think about what they need to buy for their significant other. According to the National Retail Federation, the U.S. consumers’ average spending on Valentine’s Day was $ 27.4 B in 2020 which was 7 billion dollars higher than in 2019. It is, undoubtedly, the best time of the year to promote products or to launch new products. So send in those lovely messages to your loyal customers and let them feel your love. Give them those offer codes to show how much you appreciate them! If used correctly, your Valentine’s Day emails will turn into quick conversions.

Worried that your Valentine’s Day email is not attractive? Focus on Valentine’s Day email subject lines. The email template should not be the only focus of your email marketing campaign, your subject line should also be on point and sharp! It should strike your customers’ hearts like the Cupid’s arrow. Be poetic, playful, or even bold! Play with words and pull your customers’ heartstrings. Here are a few examples of how some brands have gone all out:

  1. “theSkimm: I wrote to you every day for a year”
  2. “Las Iguanas: Hey, Hot Stuff!”
  3. “Airbnb: Your home awaits: Romantic Apartment- near Acropolis”

Keep your Valentine’s Day email subject lines short and sweet, you can leverage some relevant emojis too. Make sure not to be generic or spammy. According to Invespcro, the open rate of an email or the email ending up in the spam box is entirely up to the quality of your subject line. So bring your romantic self to the table!

Now, let’s move on to the design ideas for your Valentine’s Day email templates!

1. Keep Valentine’s Day color code

Unlike your usual brand color code, break out of it and make use of different shades of red. Red is all the rage when it is Valentine’s day. You can even add pictures of your products that have red shades in them.

Here’s an example of how Ann Taylor’s Valentine day email:

Ann Taylor's Valentine's Day Email Template

Ann Taylor has utilized the evergreen heart shape with different shades of red. It also has successfully given an offer along with it. Now, this type of Valentine’s day email will work well with female shoppers who want to treat themselves and show some self-love.

Here’s why we like this email template:

It has an offer code, falls in line with the Valentine theme with its color and heart imagery.  It also has a clear CTA which helps in conversion rates. The best thing about this is that the focus is on the products rather than the copy around them!

If you are not keen on displaying your products in the email, you could try TargetBay’s custom-made, simple and lovely Valentine’s Day email template:

TargetBay's Customizable email template

This Valentine’s Day email template is not only simple, you have the option to add your own CTA. It’s customizable and has enough space to fill in the required details.

2. Keep the Copy Short

Yes, don’t write a lot explaining your products, instead, make your email template visually appealing. The main content should be clear and you should make the CTA bold and colorful. The copy should be kept short but it needs to be catchy!

 Here’s an example of how Clate has given a short and playful copy and focuses mainly on the variety of their products to suit the festive!

Clate's Valentine's Day email template

Here’s Why We Like This Template:

It has a short copy, focuses mainly on the products that are related to Valentine’s Day theme, and also it gives clear product recommendations. The best thing about this is that they have used almost every shade of pink and as nail color is their main product, the email makes total sense.

3. Send in A Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day Email

Help your customers to easily find a gift for their loved ones by giving them suggestions on the best products available for Valentine’s Day. This gift guide will be helpful to your customers to get an idea of the products and will make a good promotional email as well.

This creates a win-win situation for both the customer and your brand. So curate a personalized gift guide for your loyal customers based on their shopping history with your brand and surprise them with things they will absolutely love!

Check out the example of how a gift guide should look like:

Valentine's Day example gift guide

Here’s why we like this gift guide:

The template totally falls in line with Valentine’s Day theme. It has different shades of pink, looks neat and it has listed a collection of gorgeous products that all women would love. This is easy for men to know what women might like and also gives an easy list of things women can buy for themselves. 

4. Don’t Go Overboard

As we already told you that the theme of your email template should go well with Valentine’s Day theme. But don’t go overboard and fill your Valentine’s Day email with pink and glitters missing out on content or image. Ensure your Valentine’s day email to match your brand identity. NEVER FORGET! It is important that you don’t lose your brand identity. If you are a brand that likes to keep classy and minimalistic, do it that way. There is no need to go far away from what you stand for. 

Here’s an example of how TargetBay has chosen to keep the brand’s theme alive and made it elegant at the same time. If your brand has an elegant identity to keep, this template is the right fit for your Valentine’s day email!

TargetBay's elegant email template

Here’s why we like this template:

This template is classy and well crafted to suit the theme of the festive. Although it doesn’t use the shades of red, we can receive the “Love is in the air” message clearly with the usage of a simple heart-shaped design. It doesn’t go overboard either with design or with copy. This fits well for a company that has already established a strong and elegant vibe.

5. Tap The Curiosity of The Customer

If you can create a sense of curiosity among your customers, your brand will succeed. Create curiosity during this Valentine’s day email campaign to your benefit. You can even choose to launch a new product range and keep it as suspense until the previous day! Drop the product online at 12.a.m. on Valentine’s Day. Keep a countdown timer in your emails or even continue to ask about the surprise. Most of us love surprises, we can’t but wait to know what it is about!

Look at an example of how this Valentine’s Day email template with GIF asks the viewer about the surprise that is awaiting them:

Valentine's Day email template GIF

Can you tell which product has 50% off? No, you will have to click the “Take A Peek” CTA that will lead you to the product page. Isn’t this a very interesting email marketing strategy? You get to hook the customer with a little bit of suspense.

Here’s why we like this template:

This template has everything you need. It has the Valentine’s Day theme; simple yet mysterious and is a definite conversion machine! What more do you need?

6.  Don’t Leave Out The Pet Lovers

This Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget about people with pets. They might want to splurge on their adorable little non-hooman partners. So use this opportunity to your benefit if you are a pet store owner, send the hoomans some offers and discounts with some cute pictures of animals and their stories. Sensible acts like this will take you a long way. People with pets usually love seeing pictures of other animals or reading about a successful pet adoption story. Spread happiness and love through your Valentine’s Day email and don’t forget to add in those offer codes and discounts along with it!

Take a look at how TargetBay has curated the perfect Valentine’s Day email template for your customers who love their pets!

TargetBay's Valentine's Day email template for pet stores

Here’s why we love this template:

The template has everything a pet owner needs. It has enough space to add product details, customizable CTA, and although the background color is blue, you have the option to change them to suit the Valentine’s Day color theme or keep it blue if you love it. Help your customers treat their pets this Valentine’s Day!

Wrap up

Keeping love and hope alive is more important than ever! And this Valentine’s day is more special than ever because of the distress 2020 brought to everyone! Let’s keep each other cozy with love and care this February and remind your loved ones how much you appreciate them. All these designs are Valentine Day themed, it is good for both Valentine’s Day emails or Valentine’s Day cards. Just stick to the basics and try to spread love to your customers.

Loved our ideas on designing email templates? Check out our collection of free email templates at TargetBay!!

Ajitha Victor

Ajitha Victor

Ajitha Victor is an Associate Content Lead at the TargetBay Marketing team. She loves creating content and inbound marketing. She loves reading and creative writing whenever she gets time and she never misses a chance to have a good conversation with someone over a cup of chai!

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