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New Feature Alert: Send Expiration Alerts For Review Coupons

Send Expiration Alerts For Review Coupons

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Offering coupons in exchange for a review is a great way to increase repeat purchases, customer engagement and brand loyalty. But we notice that the majority of our clients are not using these coupons. To overcome this issue, we built a new feature to give customers a sense of urgency and get them to convert.

According to Nielsen Group, price is a major factor for customers to change their buying behavior and better prices, freebies, free shipping and discounted offers compel them to accept your offer and return the favor.

But for eCommerce store owners, sending out coupons alone will not ensure conversions. There are plenty of reasons why customers don’t use their coupons. As simple as it can be, your coupon could end up as one of those millions of emails that never gets opened or your customer feels that it can wait forever.

Creating a sense of urgency often does magic in marketing. The trick is to let the customers know that they don’t have time and should use their coupons as soon as possible.

TargetBay’s latest Review Coupons Reminder

TargetBay’s latest Review Coupons Reminder feature allows eCommerce store owners to set an expiration date for their review coupons. Store owners can send up to two reminders as a heads up for their customers to redeem coupons before expiration.

By creating a sense of urgency, you influence the buying decision of customers to get them to take immediate action.

Review Coupons Reminder

Expiry Date Settings

The ‘Expiry Date Settings’ in the Review Coupons Reminder feature allows you to either fix the coupon expiry date or set the number of days after which the coupon could expire. Similarly, you can also choose to edit your reminder settings and control when you want the review coupon reminder emails to go out.

For example, some businesses would want the coupon expiry reminders to go out after few days of sending out the coupon and a few others would prefer to send out their coupon expiry reminders just before the expiration dates. However, TargetBay makes it easy for you to take complete control of your review generation through effective coupon management.

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